The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ok, I've been toying with this.... Joining and doing my LOA Marathon. Awhile back I manifested Acting Classes as well as a headshot photo shoot.

What I am Declaring Powerfully in the next 4 days is that I will eat healthy, work out 1-2x per day, take my medication for clear skin, drink a ton o'water, and Visualize myself as a powerful well paid (and in high demand) actress who is photogenic with headshots that make Hollywood Casting Agents take notice! In addition, I will be signing with a new agency and I am visualizing this agency working very closely with me and marketing my unique niche (horror, paranormal, sci-fi) to people in high places.

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Today I remembered to take my medication to help my face glow. I also have eaten healthy thus far and am drinking my H20.

I am a confident and powerful actress
My stage and camera presence is amazing to others
I am in high demand for Horror, Sci-fi, and Paranormal Films and Events
I make a 6 figure (or more) income for each film
My head shots are amazing and really capture my true essence
My acting classes further my craft and give me confidence
I meet the right people at the right time and am casted in big Hollywood films
Everything I eat makes me a perfect size 10
I've been sought after and asked to take part in a new film project!
Yay! fantastic!! Congratulations, it is working :)
wishing you more to come!
Thank you! I've been walking and doing tummy exercise. I've reached out to a few people on networking proposals. I've felt truly inspired!
Well since i've made this deceleration it's been a ton o talk and buzz about movies from friends and associates. Very exciting! I've been eating well and drinking my water and taking the medication:) My next LOA Marathon I will be declaring a specific role, I'm sure of it:)
Final update... Sorry it's late!

I'm ready for my closeup! My face is looking fresh (minus one minor outbreak on chin that I think I can have gone by Saturday). I've been eating well, drinking my aqua, and visualizing beautiful headshots. I also found the perfect outfits. I had to search high and low and I prayed for them and I found them at hour 23 lol. Saturday the photos will be taken and then I will begin another 4 day LOA to get them sent out to the right casting agents:) I also meet with my acting coach again on Saturday. She is a beautiful soul:)

Also some beautiful turns have been taken for the movie I'm filming this summer. Fangoria,, and one other Horror site will be doing an article on 2012. I also will be interviewed by Pretty-Scary.

Oh as a final note. I manifested a psychic from Hollywood. She wants to do a 30 minute reading to put me in the right direction. She says I can do it all, write movie scripts, radio, tv and movies. I think I can as well! I've been writing a lot for the 2012 script and the scene I wrote has made it into the trailer. AND finally, I just got word that the Television show I filmed last year (Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour) is being viewed by two distribution companies. Soon it may be on DVD in the stores, on the Horror Channel (possibly Sci-Fi). And as a side note, it's MY episode that's being screened, along with another that I was not in.

Lilou I didn't think 4 days could make such a difference. But once you set the intent and focus it really can move mountains! As Lee Martin from the Midnight Hour says... Stay Tuned!



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