The 100 Day Reality Challenge

describe here your intention for next 4-days LOA marathon. No Joke. Powerfully declare it. and BOOM!

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By Monday, May 11, I will attract money to cover all costs for a conference in Las Vegas in 3 weeks. I will attract this money easily and effortlessly, and I will be surprised, delighted and enjoy the process of manifesting this desire.

I will also attract a prosperous business idea that combines my talents and interests for the greater good of others.
Wow, I wrote this on May 8?

I didn't attract the money... my issue is believing that I can attract it. Its so fundamental but my brain is not wrapping around the fact that if its not here in this very moment, then I'm not going to the conference. I've been trying to raise my vibration around this desire, but its not working.
I think you have to let it go..........this means after you have asked and done your visualisations just have a knowing and a trust that this desire is yours, its yours because you have asked for it, because you are passionate about it and then expect it...........a great book to read is the Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer, he explains it so clearly.
I intend to spend a incredibly fun and enlightening quality time with my boyfriend this weekend in which we enjoy each others company immensely and learn alot about each other and the future of our relationship.

I intend to make significant progress on having a home that is organized, well decorated, clean, and clutter free.

I intend to make some money!! Money comes to me easily!

I intend to do more planning regarding my future career, civic and personal goals.
Maria´s next 4 day Intentions LOA marathon!

I intend to stay focused on my instrument and make the necessary preparations for the upcoming audition. I intend not to get distracted, even though I will have many things to do.
I also intend to make my friend feel happy he is visiting me and I intend us having a great time together.
I intend to be organized with my time.
I intend to be calm.
I intend to use every moment in a positive way.
I intend to sleep well, feel well and eat well.
I intend to not be stressed and take things for what they are.
I intend to think and feel positive.
I intend to be creative and full of energy.
I intend not to spend a lot of money, only what is necessary.
I intend to give my best musical self.
I intend to enjoy every moment.
I intend to play well, in tune, with good rhythm and musicality that is waved in my veins, my DNA and my entire body.
I intend to play for myself and for the whole Universe
I intend to be honest.
I intend to feel all the good.
I intend to be accepted.
I intend to win.
I intend to amaze and feel amazed!

I intend to start another LOA marathon on the 12th of May.
I intend to have some wonderful 4 days!!!!!
Thank you!!!
Great!! So now you know your home will be organized and something fun, special and amazing is almost there!
My intention is to manifest $2000 in 4 days to pay for supplies I need for my business.
I will also attract new business in the process
Right on!
I intend to attract $5,000 in the next four days to take care of certain pending matters. This will come possibly as an advance for new work and/or projects - or through some other means that will be a VERY pleasant surprise!

I can then do my planned trip with more than enough and everything taken care of!

Yippee!! This is GREAT!

I thank the generous Universe IN ADVANCE!
I intend to attract more money -by May 12 I am expecting a windfall.
I intend to stick to my new program given to me by my nutritionist.
I intend to be happier and create a pleasant environment both at work and home.
I intent to take better care of myself!
I intent to organize my work and home.
I am attracting $2,500 by Monday May 11th. I deserve it! My God is all abundant and He delights in my prosperity.
I believe it. So good to see you! I like your hair color!


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