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share your 4-day LOA marathon Manifestations!

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Hi Maggie, wow! that sounds truly wonderful! Keep it up:)
awesome!!!! great great stuff!!!!
Today I manifested some cash. I won $125 on instant scratch-off games. Tomorrow more will come and perhaps I will have the windfall before May 12! One thing I did to help this along was to listen to the Abraham's Youtube clip about manifestation and then I went out and tried it. :)
Excellent Joanne!
A little update:

I intend to spend a incredibly fun and enlightening quality time with my boyfriend this weekend in which we enjoy each others company immensely and learn alot about each other and the future of our relationship.

Well I fell asleep by accident and slept through our Friday night plans, but we made up for it on Saturday. Tonight, my homework kept me away as my priorities are still in order for now. I tried to fit in both, but it just didn't work with the Mother's Day plans and all. Of course, he's been really helpful and offering homework advance. It's sweet.

I intend to make significant progress on having a home that is organized, well decorated, clean, and clutter free.

I did A LOT of laundry, and I feel pretty good about it.

I intend to make some money!! Money comes to me easily!

I intend to do more planning regarding my future career, civic and personal goals.
I finished all of my homework and that's at least a step towards my future goals.
Tomprrow is day three! I am expecting a greater response to my intension of creating a windfall of cash.
Update of Maria´s 4-day Law of attraction marathon!

I intend to stay focused on my instrument and make the necessary preparations for the upcoming audition. I intend not to get distracted, even though I will have many things to do.
I also intend to make my friend feel happy he is visiting me and I intend us having a great time together.
I intend to be organized with my time.
I intend to be calm.
I intend to use every moment in a positive way.
I intend to sleep well, feel well and eat well.
I intend to not be stressed and take things for what they are.
I intend to think and feel positive.
I intend to be creative and full of energy.
I intend not to spend a lot of money, only what is necessary.
I intend to give my best musical self.
I intend to enjoy every moment.
I intend to play well, in tune, with good rhythm and musicality that is waved in my veins, my DNA and my entire body.
I intend to play for myself and for the whole Universe
I intend to be honest.
I intend to feel all the good.
I intend to be accepted.
I intend to win.
I intend to amaze and feel amazed!

I intend to start another LOA marathon on the 12th of May.
I intend to have some wonderful 4 days!!!!!
Thank you!!!

So far so good!!
I have been practicing well and my playing is going well! I am so excited by the thought of my audition!!:)
Even though I thought I was going to be busy, I encountered a small stress-moment. I panicked a bit, but got through it quite quickly. It felt like magic! I feel wonderful now!
All is also going well with my friend that is visiting. We are having a wonderful time together and it doesn´t stress me out at all, on the contrary I find him supportive and helpful! I am happy he is here!
I have been eating well, sleeping well and having had positive thoughts. I haven´t spent much money and I have been enjoying myself fully!
...well, and I still intend to win, amaze, feel amazed and be accepted!
Tomorrow I will start a new 4 day marathon!!!
With Much Love!!
My intentions for the 4-day LOA Marathon, starting Monday May 10th. are to attract:

1) Only positive and good vibes
2) 3 new clients for my unique 12 week coaching program "Choose happiness now".
3) A trampoline for me and my daughter to use in the garden
4) Meeting one of my TOP 20 people from my 101 want's list
5) Good and enthusiastic energy to get my new web-site ready to up-load

I have meditated today, been to the gym, made the exercise of delegating to the universe on my 5 intentions for these four LAO marathon days.
1) I have been on a high positive vibration today, even when my daughter came home from school and was quite upset, I remained calm and positive and after having talked we both had a wonderful afternoon. I went to a parents meeting at school with my ex-husband and we had very positive and joyful conversation. Felt good about that. The teachers had a ton of good things to say about our sweet, intelligent, creative, lovable daughter. Also had a joyful conversation with my brother today.
2) I had one client call me about someone she wanted to refer to me, so I think the 1/3 is manifested already :-)
3) Nothing concrete yet. Me and my daughter talked about searching the internet for good offers but time was flying, so we did not get to it.
4) to get more clarity on who of the 20 people it is that I want to attract...
5) I have selected the pictures of me that I wish to use at the web-site.
1) Today I have mostly been in a positive state, though I twice had to watch my mind practicing the art of allowing...
2) I have an appointment talking to a potential new client tomorrow :-)
3) Found some trampolines on the internet. Haven't decided anything yet
4) I now know who exactly it is that I want to attract!
5) Created a mindmap of what I wish to have on my new-website
1) I have had a very positive spirit today, enjoying all communication and interaction with people around me.
2) Created a business proposal for a woman (whom I respect highly and that I already have the privilege to work with), to extend our deal of coaching her staff
5) Getting greater clarity on my concepts

Can't wait for more power manifesting tomorrow :-)
Day 4 - Manifested paying work "out of the blue!"

Woo hoo - I volunteered some promotional writing for an organization recently, and today at their office the conversation instantly manifested paying work for me this week and next! This is a great business networking place so part of my manifestation intention for funds in this 4-day marathon could result from just being there in touch with others who need my services!
When I got home, I had many new ideas to work on!
Thank you Universe! And thanks, Lilou, for starting this cool 4-day LOA Marathon!
Good luck everybody!



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