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The LOVE Club's 30 Day APPRECIATION Journey! (Abraham-Hicks)


The LOVE Club's 30 Day APPRECIATION Journey!  (Abraham-Hicks)

Welcome to the LOVE Club!
Join us on our 30 Day Appreciation Journey!
A process suggested by Abraham-Hicks.
It's so simple, all you do is WATCH the Video, BEGIN Tonight and FEEL the results ;)
(Co-Created by Lee & Derek

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Here's how to get started in TWO easy steps!!!

This Group serves 4 purposes! (wow, how fun!)

1. Help kick off your 30 day appreciation challenge! PRINT The Steps HERE!

2. A FUN place to comment about things YOU Appreciate! (and read others for fun)

3. A collection of some of OUR Favorite Abraham Video's - PLEASE Post YOUR FAVORITE Abraham Video's in the DISCUSSION Group!!! Thanks!!

4. COMMENT About your experiences! How the 30 days is affecting YOUR Life! - Testimonials are inspirational.

Now see for yourself what Abraham suggests we do for 30 days that will have such a significant impact on how we see the world. :)

Just Two Simple Steps

1. Watch Abraham's video --> Seeing through the eyes of source

2. Begin TONIGHT!! - Do it for 30 days and "Before you know it ... you will have set the tone of seeing the world through the eyes of source in a way that you have never done before. And then you will not be asking us what it's like to be pure positive energy." ~Abraham

ALSO!!! You Can PRINT the steps HERE!

And!! If you wish, mix in some Self-Appreciations OR begin a 30 day Self-Appreciation Challenge!!

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Comment by Bengt on August 5, 2009 at 5:29am
It really is the same for me, that is why I am so positvely suprised how effortless and smooth this 30 days are going.
I have regonized some patterns though. I often feel like I "need" to work on a certain topic and the more I feel pressure the hard it gets and then I feel like I "need" to see results "right now" instead of trusting that it will all come in perfect time.
I feel like I am getting better, more relexed and more trusting over time and with that I procratinate less and less. It is a journey!

Be Happy!
Comment by Derek on August 5, 2009 at 2:00am
Why is it that I find myself "resisting" the very thing that I know for sure will improve my vibration/situation??

does anyone find themselves procrastinating "energy work" or "deliberate creation" (same thing as appreciation, and many other processes Abraham has suggested)???

I'm chuckling now at the thought of this... however, am curious to hear yalls answers.

Thanks for your insight! It is much appreciated.
Comment by Tom Henderson on August 4, 2009 at 6:18pm
Yesterday I had a dilema: dealing with people/things/situations where I had not done anything wrong on the contrary had been amazingly understanding and even altruistic yet the other person had responded with pure evil.

Tonight I watched a film on TV - "Crash" with Sandra Bullock, Mat Dillon, Hally Berry and others and now... It all makes so much sense. The depths of human suffering, despair and tragedy that you never see in those that appear to hurt you deliberately. For anyone that needs to understand why we should love those that appear to be our enemy - please watch this film.

It is violent, very strong language, sexually explicit, racist, biggoted and at times quite desperately low, but, the message is very clear... most of what people do against you very often has absolutely nothing to do with you - they are just trying to cope with life.

I am grateful for that insight and moreover, my life again today.
Comment by Taylor Kingrea on August 4, 2009 at 3:22pm
here, here! to never running out of things to appreciate...
i havent been keeping up with my journey like i'd like to, but i do like coming here and being reminded of appreciation...

i appreciate conversations that make you laugh cry and think about yourself in a new light.
i appreicate dogs going to the toilet for water! my doggie did that yesterday, cutest funniest most stereotypical thing!
i appreciate new friends and good feelings...
and i appreciate starting over...i'm learning that what iseemed to have failed on or flubbed on or thought was not so successful really was in a sense, teaching me sometiems to think things through more... and revel in the moments that work. ive been trying to write some stuff down lately and havent been too successful, in my mind about getting out or reachingthe feelings that i aimed to reach, but looking back, the experiences haven't been that bad...

(also, to the univserse, i really appreciate getting help paying for the things that i need when i can't afford them....having people buy my paintings, finding dollars under the mom helping me out every now and theeeen...whoop whoop to univseral attraction and whoop whoop to good mothers! but she hasnt helped me yet....hence the call for attraction...)
Comment by Derek on August 4, 2009 at 2:52pm
Day 10 of my new journey! Welcome everyone who's joined!

I agree with Tom - sometimes I need inspiration, and I go here for that usually, this group here. Each comment means the world to me and everyone who reads them.

Yay Maria!

I appreciate the smell of clean laundry, the sound of my voice in tune to country music I love, the feeling of things lining up.

I appreciate Abraham tremendously, and the book i'm reading. I'm thankful for my superb health. I appreciate delicious foods.. ALL of them. Grapes, caramel, vanilla ice scream, salad, meats, and cucumbers!!!

I appreciate movies that give me a rush, where the good gal or guy always wins

I appreciate clarity of my desires, and joyful things to distract me as I await their manifestation..

I appreciate the tingling sensation I get when I breathe deeply while I stretch.
and lastly, I appreciate the idea of NEVER running out of things to appreciate

God's Speed!
Comment by Maria on August 4, 2009 at 2:22pm
Hi Everyone,

I'm starting my 30 day APPRECIATION journey tonight.
Tonight I appreciate being made aware of and invited here by the lovely Claire Gillen.
I appreciate the fact that we live in an era where the internet is availble to us and we can all connect and share so easily and I appreciate the Abraham video I've just watched which inspires me greatly.

Look forward to connecting with you all in the next 30 days.

Comment by Tom Henderson on August 4, 2009 at 3:30am
This is my 4th day of appreciation and with my little boy with me it is so easy to feel appreciation. I have made two big changes in my life yesterday and all help to CCOR. I really appreciate you guys out there who constantly inspire me to do better. Thanks for that.
Comment by Laura Duksta on August 3, 2009 at 10:31am
Today is my day 13 of this Appreciation Challenge! I am fidning it easy to do and began today at Sunrise on the beach with my nephew and mom :-) It feels like my life is flowing wit more ease---that I am receptive to people and abundance. I've actually created an abundance game that I am going to introduce into the CCOR community! I did it because i felt like a natural expression of who I am. I did not try and "figure it out" or rationalize it--I just created a game and invited some friends to join. I will create one here by the 20th or sooner.
Prosper On!
Comment by Claire Gillen on August 2, 2009 at 6:47am
PS When I do get caught in the rain I decide I will enjoy it! And I greatly appreciate the Water of Life :-)
Comment by Claire Gillen on August 2, 2009 at 6:45am
I've just got back to this page and it's lovely to read all the comments - especially the longer ones! Derek and Lee - thank you so much. I love rainbows and am always delighted when I see one - and often cry out like you Derek! I think changlng the name to 'journey' is a great idea. I have not been religiously following the instructions every day. I do meditations every day before I get out of bed for one thing! Most of my 'appreciating' is stretching and luxuriating in bed before I get out of it! I love going to bed and lying in it in the mornings! But I do wake at 4am most mornings. What a great invention duvets are - i still remember sheets and blankets - now it's so much easier to get the temperature right! I too have found that I am so much happier, smiling 'for no reason' and feeling really good. When I walk down the street I like to say to myself 'I am seeing through the eyes of Source' and notice every little weed or flower growing out of the concrete (I live in London) and every beautiful tree and cloud. I'm feeling so good 'in my body' and love it! Like I'm seeing it for the first time (and this is someone who used to grumble about bits of my body wishing they were different). Every day I read or listen to Abraham not because I think I should study it but because it makes me feel so good! Every day I hear something new or get more clarity. I'm being so much easier on myself (and others!) - I'm intending for my life to be sooo EASY in every aspect, whatever I do and wherever I go - and it is. Missing rain showers, getting green lights, friendly people, that kind of thing. I'm not saying it's always hunky dory but at least when it isn't I know I can turn it around - that it's all within my hands (or should I say mind!). Wish this stuff was taught in school! What a world we'd all be living in then. What a world we'd all be living in if everyone was doing this appreciation journey! Love to you all.

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