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The LOVE Club's 30 Day APPRECIATION Journey! (Abraham-Hicks)


The LOVE Club's 30 Day APPRECIATION Journey!  (Abraham-Hicks)

Welcome to the LOVE Club!
Join us on our 30 Day Appreciation Journey!
A process suggested by Abraham-Hicks.
It's so simple, all you do is WATCH the Video, BEGIN Tonight and FEEL the results ;)
(Co-Created by Lee & Derek

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Here's how to get started in TWO easy steps!!!

This Group serves 4 purposes! (wow, how fun!)

1. Help kick off your 30 day appreciation challenge! PRINT The Steps HERE!

2. A FUN place to comment about things YOU Appreciate! (and read others for fun)

3. A collection of some of OUR Favorite Abraham Video's - PLEASE Post YOUR FAVORITE Abraham Video's in the DISCUSSION Group!!! Thanks!!

4. COMMENT About your experiences! How the 30 days is affecting YOUR Life! - Testimonials are inspirational.

Now see for yourself what Abraham suggests we do for 30 days that will have such a significant impact on how we see the world. :)

Just Two Simple Steps

1. Watch Abraham's video --> Seeing through the eyes of source

2. Begin TONIGHT!! - Do it for 30 days and "Before you know it ... you will have set the tone of seeing the world through the eyes of source in a way that you have never done before. And then you will not be asking us what it's like to be pure positive energy." ~Abraham

ALSO!!! You Can PRINT the steps HERE!

And!! If you wish, mix in some Self-Appreciations OR begin a 30 day Self-Appreciation Challenge!!

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Comment by Laura Duksta on August 3, 2009 at 10:31am
Today is my day 13 of this Appreciation Challenge! I am fidning it easy to do and began today at Sunrise on the beach with my nephew and mom :-) It feels like my life is flowing wit more ease---that I am receptive to people and abundance. I've actually created an abundance game that I am going to introduce into the CCOR community! I did it because i felt like a natural expression of who I am. I did not try and "figure it out" or rationalize it--I just created a game and invited some friends to join. I will create one here by the 20th or sooner.
Prosper On!
Comment by Claire Gillen on August 2, 2009 at 6:47am
PS When I do get caught in the rain I decide I will enjoy it! And I greatly appreciate the Water of Life :-)
Comment by Claire Gillen on August 2, 2009 at 6:45am
I've just got back to this page and it's lovely to read all the comments - especially the longer ones! Derek and Lee - thank you so much. I love rainbows and am always delighted when I see one - and often cry out like you Derek! I think changlng the name to 'journey' is a great idea. I have not been religiously following the instructions every day. I do meditations every day before I get out of bed for one thing! Most of my 'appreciating' is stretching and luxuriating in bed before I get out of it! I love going to bed and lying in it in the mornings! But I do wake at 4am most mornings. What a great invention duvets are - i still remember sheets and blankets - now it's so much easier to get the temperature right! I too have found that I am so much happier, smiling 'for no reason' and feeling really good. When I walk down the street I like to say to myself 'I am seeing through the eyes of Source' and notice every little weed or flower growing out of the concrete (I live in London) and every beautiful tree and cloud. I'm feeling so good 'in my body' and love it! Like I'm seeing it for the first time (and this is someone who used to grumble about bits of my body wishing they were different). Every day I read or listen to Abraham not because I think I should study it but because it makes me feel so good! Every day I hear something new or get more clarity. I'm being so much easier on myself (and others!) - I'm intending for my life to be sooo EASY in every aspect, whatever I do and wherever I go - and it is. Missing rain showers, getting green lights, friendly people, that kind of thing. I'm not saying it's always hunky dory but at least when it isn't I know I can turn it around - that it's all within my hands (or should I say mind!). Wish this stuff was taught in school! What a world we'd all be living in then. What a world we'd all be living in if everyone was doing this appreciation journey! Love to you all.
Comment by Bengt on July 31, 2009 at 5:33pm
I want to encourage all of you who are just taking a look or are members of the group and havent managed to start there journey yet to give it a try. I am now on my day 15 and I think I am still in disbelieve about how much has changed in the last two weeks It started of slow but the last 2 days have been the first days this year where I truely felt like I gave my best and made to most out of the day. My emotions have changed so much, it is not all because of the apprectiation and meditation, I use a lot of other processes as well, but this is what started it all and keeps the momentum going. I will make a video about the journey so far, some time next week.
Thank you all for beeing part of this and making is possible for me I truely appreciate all of you.
Be Happy!
Comment by Tom Henderson on July 31, 2009 at 5:34am
Wow!! Not even started my first night but really looking forward to tonight to start. Even listing and watching the video makes me feel really great.
Comment by Evie-Marie on July 30, 2009 at 8:33am
I will start this TODAY!

thank you:)
Comment by Derek on July 29, 2009 at 7:21pm
Day 4 of my NEW Appreciation JOURNEY!

To recap -
Day 1 and 2 were great!!
And upon awakening on Day 3, I was for some reason frustrated.. and a bit discouraged. BUT!! It changed as I did the list of things I appreciated... and the rest of the day was much much better

Day 4 - what a joy -

I want to share something that is DELIBERATELY changing my life!

I'm reading "Ask and it is Given" - and the thing I get from it that makes the difference for me... is clarity. Clarity like never before on all of the Abraham subjects I've been listening to for months!!

And when you "deliberately" apply the processes... you're deliberately creating your life.. and this I love more than anything!!

although... lol (i chuckle) - nothing very significant has really happened... except for a noticable shift in how I feel about Myself, Money, etc. BUT - I have an unwavering faith in the teachings of Abraham - and I have a hunch that just that alone should bring me through into a wonderous reality of MY choosing.

I love yalls comments!!! Any ideas for improvements? how can we get more people to want to comment?
Take care!!
Comment by Derek on July 27, 2009 at 3:39am
and for my second and FINAL comment of the evening...

i want to be honest and announce that I haven't stuck with the Appreciation Challenge very well. its been, well, sort of a challenge for me. Why should something so fun and benefecial feel like a struglle?

So I've made two deliberate decisions! :)

1. The name of the group has changed! Lee has agreed that "30 Day Appreciation JOURNEY" sounds much more fun and initially exciting at just the thought of embarking on it.

2. I'm beginning my Appreciation Journey again.. starting Yesterday! July 26th, 2009. And it ends August 24th, 2009 -- a day before my 21st birthday.

thank you for your precious time. I only hope youv'e enjoyed your experience here thus far. Journey ON!
Comment by Derek on July 27, 2009 at 3:33am
I had a most spectacular jog today that I wanted to share with yall....

I decided to jog today.. first time i've exercised in a week.. and I went 4 miles with some breaks. and I believe I'm able to do this, because of my wonderful stretching before.

and I want to share what happened when I stretched. as I stretched my calves against a pole, my foot pointed upwards, propped up against a pole, and i begin to stretch. rain is lightly pelting me... and then I take a deep breath, and as i released it slowly, i was AMAZED at how the tension released in my calves.. and so i pushed forward more, feeling the tension near painful.. take a deep breath and it released again!! i had heard somewhere that exhaling naturally relaxes muscles...

and then i began to jog. it was a rainy, thunderous evening. I had been reading earlier when a crack of thunder erupted behind me and jumped me into the house, feeling Terror for a second.. trembling... it was most sensational! just to feel such strong emotion delighted me.. even though it wasn't a great feeling.

and so I jogged... and to my right were blue, distant thunderous clouds hovering over the huge city of Houston, Texas. And to my left, a most magnificent sunset, with all the tufts of clouds left from the rain in the mix. how beautiful. and JUST when i didn't think things could become any better... I look behind me and noticed a FULL Rainbow! i said aloud.. "wow!" - and then began to jog backwards for a few seconds.. lol

but what i want to share most of all in this super long comment - is that the theme that had crossed my mind several times today was the phrase "life-force." I remember Abraham saying somewhere that our desires are summoning Life force energy. and I could really feel that today... as I stretched, I desired to have a magnificent jog.. and could feel the life with every breath I took.

and as I jogged, when i found my thoughts meandering into ... man this is tiring or... how am i gonna jog when i don't even exercise... when that popped up, i just took a deep breath, and felt the life force flowing through me as i exhaled, and the jog became joyful once again.

all in all - it was a very sensational day. And I appreciate every bit of it. I'm thankful for Abraham, who's made me aware of life force energy and how it feels.

Please comment about your experiences!!
Comment by Derek on July 25, 2009 at 9:54pm
Taylor, Laura!! You might enjoy this ;)

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