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For everyone who applies, want to share and practice The Abrahams-Hicks teachings. Joy is the point! "I, in my human form want to allow myself to be that which life has me to become" - Abraham

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"Words do not teach. True knowing comes from life experience. We offer these words, that they might stimulate your thinking. Truly, a teacher is a stimulator of thought." - Abraham

You'll hear all about The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation, The Art of Allowing, and so much more. Abraham are self-confessed "endless spewers of processes," yet all their roads and all their processes lead to one thing.

A joyful life.


Discussion Forum

How do you stay positive with so much negativity around the world?

Started by John Smith. Last reply by Susan Oct 9, 2014. 13 Replies

I have just recently lost my job.  I am temping to make ends meet and I constantly listen to Abraham's teachings so that I can be reminded to stay in the vortex.  Still, I find the practice so…Continue

Can you recommend a good metaphysical type book to buy?

Started by tat. Last reply by SIMONE Aug 16, 2014. 29 Replies

I'm really into books by Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, The Secret and basically anything that is metaphysical. However, I've read most of them, have also read Eckert Tolle's books (the latter) which…Continue

Your Story

Started by Lilou. Last reply by N Jul 17, 2012. 44 Replies

Did the teaching of Abraham made a difference in your life?Tell us howContinue

Tags: abraham, ester, teaching, hicks, jerry

If Beasts are connected to Source why does my cat torture mice?

Started by Vera Thornhill. Last reply by Tit May 22, 2012. 2 Replies

Abraham says that the "beasts" ie animals are connected to source then why does my cat torture mice and play with them when they are half dead not letting them die? That seems like a very…Continue

Inspirational Music to Enjoy!

Started by Cora Flora. Last reply by Stéphanie Thévenot Jan 8, 2012. 1 Reply

Bonjour lovely co-creators!I just joined this site today and am really excited. It is especially exciting to me to connect with a group of Abraham appreciators!!! Because I love Abraham, and to…Continue

Tags: flora, cora, inspirational, music, abraham

How can We Affect People and Situations We Don't Know

Started by alison. Last reply by David Dec 16, 2011. 21 Replies

I am trying to figure out why I am attracting negative experiences; for example the other day I was verbally attacked by a strange man, I mean crazy, shouting and swearing all because of my dog's…Continue

Tags: of, attraction., law, hicks, experience

Manifesting w/ wouldn't it be nice, if...

Started by Grace. Last reply by Celine Dec 16, 2011. 6 Replies

Please read my latest blog post about manifesting with Abraham's "wouldn't it be nice, if... "  technique.…Continue

Tags: manifesting, abraham

We Create our Bodies and Our Illness??

Started by alison. Last reply by Delicia Nov 15, 2010. 15 Replies

So.. we create the bodies we have through how we think about ourself? So for example if someome is carrying extra weight and they think to themselves I am fat and getting fatter, that is what is…Continue

Tags: attraction, creation, of, law, illness

Using the Law of Attraction to Achieve my Dream of Volunteering in Peru!

Started by Aussiegirl. Last reply by Aussiegirl Oct 20, 2010. 7 Replies

I read 3 of the Abraham-Hicks books and LOVE THEM!! These books really put the Law of Attraction in a way that everyone can understand which is what we all desperately need right now. I've read alot…Continue

Tags: peru, volunetter, challenge, peru's, swain

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Comment by Magdalena Reising on January 23, 2015 at 8:42pm
Comment by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on October 16, 2014 at 3:08am

in the vortex I am cozy in continuous comforts and pleasure and laughter. I am that I am, all is well and does as it shall. I am at ease and Getty the best blend of all that is awesome and the cool. the love and warmth the I am on my way because it is convenient and no effort is needed. it is easy all is in ease

Comment by Meghan Krisla on October 13, 2014 at 10:39pm

I am getting HAPPY!!

I love this video too!!

Comment by Susan on October 9, 2014 at 9:50am

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank you so much for sharing.  if anyone needs a lift... watch it above.

Comment by Steffie Kay2000 on August 20, 2014 at 10:09am

the vortex is breathing and enjoying all the manifestations the vortex is feeling my power as a creator the vortex is feeling all happiness all money all abundance run as fast as it can to me, the vortex Is seeing my life bloom the vortex Is seeing my heart bloom and partying!!

Comment by Steffie Kay2000 on May 13, 2014 at 12:19am

maybe being happy is thinking of something that happened long ago for a minute, maybe it means laughing at the absurdity of life, maybe being happy is just holding happiness in your heart for the smallest reason and not letting go of that, aligning with that happy feeling

Comment by Steffie Kay2000 on May 8, 2014 at 10:33am

Today I feel aligned and aligned and aligned for 17 seconds or more, when I am aligned I feel my insides click..i feel my brain connecting to my body, I feel my eyes sight become clearer...when I am aligned I can truly see what this world is made of and where I stand here. When I am aligned I see everything that I have manifested/co created with this universe and I am so blessed, so pleased so proud of me and my alignnet. Vortex...take me in. I used to say that  the vortex is I say, there is only vortex, only vortex

Comment by Steffie Kay on September 25, 2013 at 1:59am

what is tong lin N !?!?!?!     I am gonna look it up!!! :)


PS) best part to Derek I clicked on here by accident...but there is no accident...otherwise I would have never saw your shout out...which confirms that three for sure things have happened today to show me that the world is all in harmony.. I love being in this flow!

Comment by Steffie Kay on September 25, 2013 at 1:57am

DEREK YOU ARE  AWESOME!!!!!!! We are doing it now.....its feels so good....just to feel good, just to think or see the most pleasurable most comforting most enjoyable thing to think about...and milk that...I love this process!!

Comment by N on September 8, 2013 at 11:46pm

I just discovered how the practice of Tong Lin can bring you into the vortex swiftly and almost effortlessly!  Amazing :)


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