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Angelic Letters

It's sooo simple...


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Perhaps begin with..

"Dear Inner Being..." and write whatever you wish to address to you Inner Being... requests, questions, askings, ideas, whatever!


Then write..

"Dear 'your name'..."

and write what comes to you as it comes... 

ohh this is such a fun thing to do everytime.. and you WILL receive something!! lol

usually a feeling..

and have fun choosing words to express them. :)

As the connection strengthens, perhaps it'll eventually feel like something else is choosing the words, or they're popping up on their own. :) It's all YOU of course. 

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Comment by Derek on May 11, 2012 at 5:05am


next time you feeeeel so good, let it feeeeel so good... 

ohh let it... milk everything around you, within you then... come up with at least 5 reasons why you think you feel so good...

let it, allow it, relax into it, amplify it... see how fucking gooood it can be right now :)

because you deserve it :)

Comment by Derek on September 27, 2011 at 5:03pm

(DEREK!!! READ THIS before your NEXT!!!!



YES! That's it!

It's all figured out. You're done "seeking". 


GOD what a nice feeling this is... can we have more of this tomorrow... the next day... next week around this time... October 31 around this time... lol... 

each day, i'm feeling better and better. I've been doing such a good job of journaling... of shifting... pivoting... i'm so so so so proud of you Derek. It is happening!!!!  It's all coming together for me!!!  and who woulda thunk, the less effort i put forth or the more i just relaxed... the faster it would line up and manifest!  


Thank you Abraham, COL, Bashar, GOD what a journey we've had. Thank you Helpers, Higher Self, LOA, The Universe, Mike Dooley, Frank, Lily, Brad, Mom, Andy Dooley  you Goof!!, GOD thank all of you for being with me on my journey... for all the help you've given me with your energy and powerful intentions and abilities.... GOD... mmmh.. wow....  yes... I am in tears now.. because i can feel the Love you alllll have for ME... for ME! Derek! in this delicious illusion of one in 6 billion.. when its really... just me.. 


Creed, take me higher.


I wonder.. i wonder what tomorrow is gonna be like... what sorts of things i'll feel.. how good it might feel.... i wonder... ohh... I'm happy that i get to see my deeply loving family this weekend... dominos with my uncles... my newly acquainted beautiful cousins, lol... I'm happy that I've met Kayla... oh the things she's pulled through me... "caused" within me... showing me what's possible to cause within my self...


right now... i'm in MY vortex.... GOD here it feels good... soothing.. peaceful... tranquil... relaxing.... like an angoing breath.... like water sloshing agains the canyon walls of the riogrande santa elena canyon... like INdian music lol!!! like Bob Marley.. lol...


Love you Derek, 


Comment by Derek on September 12, 2011 at 8:44pm

Dear Inner Being, Law of Attraction, Helpers, The Universe,


I would like to believe even more in my ability to have what I want. I know that I will know this through and through one of these delicious days... so I'm patient...  but perhaps if there's any impatience within me, please help me to ease that and relax that and love it and Lighten it. I really do Love Derek just as he is.. he knows it.. and it's good for him to hear it..  so yes, I'll continue that.  


Please, Please Please, help me with having more dollars.. I don't care how it happens, I don't care when, I'd just like to somehow both BELIEVE that I can without doing anything more than following my FUN-seeking nose and simply enjoying the magic of my dynamic moments.. 


and help me to be more OK with who I am, how I am, things about myself right now that I don't like.. help me to be OK with these things.. to simply Love ALL of myself JUST as I am right now... ALL of it... I really really want to feel this love even more..


thank you thank you thank you for everything guys. you've given me so much. you've helped me in sooo many ways..


ahh! Soon we will be reuniting and frolicking and playing even more so once my Room of Light has been created! 




Comment by Derek on August 25, 2011 at 4:54am

Dear Derek, 

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. The next 364 days leading up to your next birthday celebration are SURE to be magical, simply because you've intended so.


We are here of course, ready and eager to help with anything and everything you wish to submit our way. 


What we love most is that you know the infinity of your power so deeply. And now it is time to believe, time to demonstrate it for yourself, time to play with it as you wish. For they are truly YOUR higher powers and you certainly chose to remember them simply for the fun of having them while deliciously physically focused. 


We all wish you a most beautiful 23rd birthday. We think you will continue to flip out, as you put it, well into your 40's and 50's while your body remains as young and sexy and strong as it ever was, is, and will continue to be no matter what age you are. You just might transition from a body that appears and feels to be 25, just as you're intending, at the beautiful age of 111 or whenever you wish. Immortally young might be a new fun phrase. We will leave you here, we always have endless fun with you. You are a much more talented channel than you give yourself credit for. 


You are ready. The perfect rate, as you've wished. 

Your Helpers, Higher Self, and The Universe. Law of Attraction is here too :)

What a party we're having.

Comment by Derek on August 23, 2011 at 3:51am

Dear Higher Derek, 


Please help me to relax more about where I am. I have SUCH intense desires and an intensity to have them NOW lol, but now I just want to relax and just believe in their inevitability. Please help me with this, please. 


Please help me to feel more energized and relaxed while at work.. help sort out, organize, line up a sleep schedule that feels good, is perfect for me...


Also, help me to embrace... instead of avoid.. or procrastinate..  Help me to embrace.. and accept.. and allow... and release... and forgive.. all of these things please... 


And please bring me a girl who wants to have some fun lol.. and help me to feel better about my selfish desires (and not judge them or feel wrong), to just feel better.. about the perfection of their simple existence within me... help me to not question them ever again... and just enjoy them! and KNOW they'll unfold in ways that are in everyone's highest good... (ahh fuck, you must already be speaking to me lol!)


And now for their response....

Dear Derek,

You're doing just fine. (tear). 

The server job will feel and get better.. you have been doing such a good job at expecting things to feel better. We are so so proud of you, We, your helpers. You are such a deeply powerful being and we so love that you are aware of it. And we think you will enjoy what's ahead for you, even in the next few months. 

Please relax as you have been doing and seek to find more positive aspects within where you are. Find more of your power and freedom within your current circumstances, for you truly are an unconditionally and infinitely powerful being. So you certainly have this ability. (lol). Time to dust it off dear friend. Time to remember. 




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