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This is a snippit from an amazing writer, Jo Lynne Valerie.  She has written out extensively a meditation to help you get closer to wolf energy/medicine.  While tonight would be an EXCELLENT night to perform this meditation (It is the Full Wolf Moon), this would be a good meditation any night to get closer to wolf and her teachings (she is the teacher of the Animal kingdom).  Jo Lynne goes into MUCH more detail in her blog on the candles to light (colors), smells to burn, offerings to give etc...  SooooOOO If you would like to read the entire blog click here~~> Jo Lynne Valerie's Blogspot, Living and Writing with Passion!  PS  Tell her Love and Horror Amy sent you, she LOVES visitors to her blogs!

The Moon went Full, astronomically at 1:18 a.m. EST this morning and rises the Full Wolf Moon - perigee, in fact - which means it will be closer to the earth than usual, and therefore appear much larger and brighter...

The Wolf Moon is a powerful time, named by some native cultures for the lone sound of the howling wolf, more pronounced now, in the dead of cold, deep winter nights. And the energy now, is just...wolf energy: low and deep, silent and powerful, strong and fierce. Take a second and close your eyes - can you feel it?

Close your eyes and turn your palms hands up. Reach out with your energy and connect to the Full Moon above. I think you'll be surprised at how easy this is to do. You may feel a sensation at the crown of your head, you may feel slightly euphoric, a bit tingly, a rush of energy or just really, really connected.

Now imagine wolves... wild wolves, running through a forest or a desert landscape, toward you. These wolves are not dangerous, they will not hurt you. They are the spiritual wolves, elemental beings that interact more freely with humans now, during this their most powerful time of the year - the Full Wolf Moon.

These spirit wolves have all the energy of earth-bound wolves: they are strong, powerful, independent, fierce when need be, loving, loyal and able to overcome most anything. Welcome that energy into yourself.

See yourself becoming more strong and powerful - in all areas of your life including relationships, career and your health. See yourself becoming more independent and fearless about doing what must be done, if and when the time comes. See yourself loving and loyal in a way that would set a shining example to all who know you.

You may feel a rush of warm energy, you may feel euphoric once again, or you may feel suddenly, ravenously - hungry. This is natural. And a common result of directly interacting with spirit wolf energy. You may also experience a sudden rush of images regarding your life, your weaknesses and your strengths - areas that need work, areas you're doing well in and should focus on. You may receive direct messages from loved ones who have passed, or from the spirit wolves themselves, as to personal aspects of your life.

Convey, with your thoughts, that you have prepared an offering and communicate clearly the honor and gratitude you feel toward these spirit beings.

Affirm to yourself, with your thoughts, that you are open and willing, to receive insights and messages during the rest of the winter, as to truths about yourself and how you can become the very best you.

When you feel your experience is coming to a close, convey thanks and honor once again to the spirit wolves, and see them go. When they disappear from your mind, be sure to envision closing a door or pulling closed a curtain. This will seal the end of your interaction.

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Whoa i cant believe it i tried this meditation, it didn't even take long but i saw a huge pack moving at high speed coming around a bend, and when they got closer the leader was white and there were many different colored ones and one was black. What a blessing Amy, thank you and everything u said did happen.
Marina, I'm glad you had such a quick and positive experience. I don't want to take credit for this as it was written by Jo Lynne Valerie, I'm merely the passer oner of information!

xoxo A
The scene that i saw was so breathtaking, it was a winter scene. Now, i want to paint it
O.k. Amy thank you for sharing and thank you Jo Lynn Valerie.


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