The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Submit Askings & Gratitudes to The Universe, Your Helpers & Inner Being!


Submit Askings & Gratitudes to The Universe, Your Helpers & Inner Being!

Taking a desire... putting it into word form... tasting some of the desired feeling within it... and sort of letting it go with the submission of a button... are all delicious things indeed... to me.

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This group serves multiple delicious purposes. 

((*))Submit your askings to your Helpers/Angels/Guides, The Universe, LOA, your Inner Being, whoever!!
((*))Express your gratitudes and appreciations for things they've recently brought you, helped you with, or guided you on.
((*))Share your manifestation stories!! Please!! Money, Relationships, Body, Emotions, etc!

When asking, the KEY (in my opinion) is to:
1. KNOW The desired *feeling* within the desired specifics of your askings.
2. Reach for, stir up, activate, actually viscerally FEEEL that particular feeling AS you put forth your request... 
Pay attention to how the asking feels as well... Sometimes the more specific, the more likely some unease will pop up. In that case, maybe put forth a specific request and THEN a series of more and more general requests until you feel the *desired feeling* within the specifics you truly desire.
Here's a quote from Abe that feels relevant. 

“When you get specific about something that is 50% out of the vortex 50% in the vortex, you gotta be aware of whether you’re in or out, when you’re being specific, because you could be practicing the out of the vortex vibration without meaning to. Affirming when you’re not in the vortex tips it that way. Affirming when you’re in the vortex tips it this way. So in the beginning, if you’re tentative about whether you’re in or out, the rule of thumb isthe more general you are, the more likely you are to stay in the Vortex, the morespecific you become, the more likely you are to go out of the vortex. However, once you’ve mastered the Vortex by reaching for the feeling place of it and by doing what’s safe and easy for you. Once you are consistently in the Vortex, then, the more specific you become the more fun you have. It’s like you begin to get the feeling that there is this benevolent Universe listening to everything you say and watching for every opportunity to please you in some specific way.

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Comment by Derek on August 11, 2011 at 12:16am

Universe, Helpers, LOA, IB - BRING ME MORE MONEY! Please :) lol. 

Thank you for the $10 tip today, and the $12 tip yesterday.. which came in such a deliciously unexpected way...  Thank you for this wonderful job you brought me!! some of the people there are angels.. and have been soo helpful. Thank you for these things.. and for further empowering me to create things i'm wanting.. Thank you for the two girls who've taken an interest in me..  PLEASE help line up the perfect evenings for a nice date with each! 


Comment by Derek on August 19, 2011 at 4:19am

Manifestation Stories:

wow.. yesterday.. $51 dollars during my evening shift.. and my highest tip ever that evening, $16..!!  and then tonight.. wow!! $95, cold hard cash.. with yet again another record breaking night with a $22 tip from 4 college kids!!  I asked.. lol  and when I ask, I definitely receive..


Universe, Helpers - line up for me over $45 during tomorrows shift, and over $65 dollars during Sunday's.. oh how nice this idea feels.. here's me having it now Universe, so you're clear what vibes we're manifesting lol.. yes, Law of Attraction, you're so silly.. here's me having it now, for the FUN of it.. so you can bring me more dollars... NOW..   i've figured  your trick out lol!! 'cuz money sure is flowing freely and easily to me now


Helpers, Help me to believe.. to believe that dollars can come to me in other ways besides my day job... that LOA, The Universe, and My Helpers have lined up things that are pretty much right under my nose which will bring me even more delicious dollars in ways i couldn't possibly imagine... help me to believe alitte more right now...  i've done it a few times already lol.. Mind.. Let's Believe.. Money could literally burst into my experience at any moment tomorrow... or next week.. in new fun ways.. bring them to me, line me up.

I am a match already, look at how the money is already manifesting in unexpectedly and inexplainably delicious ways.. open your eyes Derek, you've found your inner money stream... fuck yes you have.. now BELIEVE IT lol!! and I Love you just as you are, you perfect being you.

Comment by Derek on August 23, 2011 at 3:24am

money is flowing.. thank you for that.. I've found my Inner Money stream.. money is flowing easily and freely to me now.. and daily.. 

i'm hoping, wanting, anticipating an increase of some sort... BRING me an increase Helpers!! please!! w sugar on top!!   i dont care HOW, or WHEN, or ... HOW.. lol. gradual could be fun, large surprises also sound fun too!! 


Helpers.. in fact.. I wish for you to focus ALL of your HIGHEST Powers on helping me to manifest MORE MONEY THAN I COULD'VE EXPECTED in the next 30 days.. starting now.. 8/23/11 at 2:21am..   maybe it could be ur birthday gift to me lol...  in the same regard, focus on helping me to BELIEVE that I CAN be a millionaire much faster than I believe i can right now.. help me to believe... that being and having time-money freedom is actually as easy as breathing.. 


LOVE to you.. thank you for all your recent money manifestations.. and sweet people.. and the fun i had with mom n her new friend.. and my bro.. thank you thank you thank you.. also, thank you for the power to create whatever it is im wanting.. thank you so much, Higher Derek, Universe, LOA, Helpers... you are all soooo good to me always... 



Comment by ash~tastic on August 23, 2011 at 10:25am

glad to hear you are getting the money you've asked for, derek!

***dear universe, guides, helpers, and inner self,

first of all, thank you so much for the guidance that has helped me to become more positive throughout this leg of my 100 day challenge. it has been a tremendous and fantastic impact on my reality so far. i so appreciate the little manifestations that keep popping up every day!

guides, universe, helpers, inner self:

please help me to get a new, fulfilling job, and to increase my income within the next month.

help me to manifest an exciting job interview within the next two weeks.

manifest an extra $500 for me within the next two weeks as well!

love, appreciation, and gratitude for all you do for me!!! and thanks so much for the free tank of gas this morning, i am so grateful!!!

with love,



Comment by Derek on August 25, 2011 at 6:18pm

Helpers! I'm certainly enjoying all the birthday wishes. Bring me some unexpected birthday money for fun!


Also, help me to feel better around others.. to feel better about myself. To just relax and enjoy being who I really am. I would greatly enjoy that. 


Thank yo usoo soo much for all the things you've brought me.. are bringing me.. and will bring me in the "future".. and for your Love.. 

Comment by Love on August 25, 2011 at 6:42pm

Hi Ash and Derek ~ Much love and light to you today :)

I am thankful for the peace and gratitiude prayer camp brought me, thankful my son is getting the rest and fluids on him, I am thankful for getting a few of my chores done, I am thankful for the many adventures and interest I have had recently.

God, Angels, Devine Helpers of Light and Love and my Inner guidance I wish for guidance, direction, and help with getting my son healthy and back on his feet again, debt free again, clear communication with my mom, magical moments and daily gifts and to pursue new exciting interests and hobbies and connect with people who share passions and goals like mine.

Comment by ash~tastic on August 26, 2011 at 11:10pm

universe, guides, helpers, angels,

thank you for keeping me safe and for helping me to create this beautiful life! i am so grateful to you.

please help me to publish a children's book this year!

with much appreciation,


Comment by Love on August 27, 2011 at 6:13pm

Heavenly father, angels, guides, universe and helpers of light and love


Thank you for the love, protection and guidance.  The gifts in the day and the grace let promptings. Thank-you for the love and support given from others and the desires of my heart and passions coming to me.  Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.


Please help me clear up the loose ends in my life so I can move on to higher passions and purposes Amen.  Much love, gratitude and appreciation.

Comment by ash~tastic on August 27, 2011 at 6:54pm

universe, helpers, guides, angels--

please help me make a jewelry sale this week!!!

'twould be met with much appreciation!!!


Comment by Love on August 28, 2011 at 2:21pm

Heavenly father, angels, guides, universe and helpers of light and love

May this be the magical month the condo sells

Thank-you would be appreciated more than words could tell:)


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