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Bridge Steps to Your Dream Job!


Bridge Steps to Your Dream Job!

What are you doing to create the links, connections and "bridge steps" to your dream job? How are you supporting your dream on the way to manifesting it? Ideas for temporary employment? Share, brainstorm, and be encouraged here!

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Creating Steps to Your Dream Job - The Practical Matters

Started by Cocreative Jun 7, 2010. 0 Replies

What practical bridge steps are you taking on the way to manifesting your dream work or job?Creating temporary or supplementary sources of income? Developing an online presence or strategy? Creating…Continue

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Comment by Andrea on April 1, 2013 at 8:23pm

Hi Friends! I have been on many great interviews, but I cannot seem to secure a job. I would appreciate any tips or words of encouragement :) Thank you!

Comment by AthenaMarina on November 11, 2011 at 8:53am

I would LOVE to hear more about what YOU guys are doing!  However, I have held back for a while but sometimes I feel like I am not doing ENOUGH and I need to remind myself that I AM (I hope!) SO here's an update:

  1. OK:  I spent 2 days in September organizing and backing up coaching resources.
  2. I had teaching work for a month and two days so I had to ease off but I DID go to two different coach training events, one was for a weekend the other one day.  I got a bit more practice.
  3. More free coaching to two people.
  4. Made 3 websites.  (end of October) Not brilliant but OK.  I have a logo on them, photo of me, what I can help with, testimonials etc.  
  5. Went to an event on social media for coaches. Good!  Started to do some things on facebook and most days I've added to it two posts a day. 
  6. Before that I bought some more resources and I'm using some of that on facebook but also most of it is resources I can and will use with clients.  I've used one twice - very good!  
  7. One of my sites is also a blog so I've put a blog post on it.  Plus I put it on another forum in my blog there and also on my blog here. 
  8. Connected my sites to each other a bit more.
  9. Posted my website a few places I can legitimately do.  
  10. Went to a meetup on public speaking.  Didn't like all of it.  But I also went to a group and there and at the meetup I learned a couple of tips for my "elevator pitch."  
  11. Joined business groups, I know some will be better than others though.
  12. Took on a coaches networking group but they are not very active, the old organizer had problems with them too and I may soon step down.  Through that I learned about a coaching body's chapter and I've applied.
  13. Got my diploma before most of these steps!  With distinction!
  14. Got a certificate in something that accompanies this.
  15. Got out some library books on: Blogging, websites, public speaking (I bought that one) and now copywriting.  I've looked up a few links on selling too - but selling in a way that feels good to ME!
  16. Did a video interview.  Told a friend YES I want to be part of her site to promote businesses when it's ready.  Someone is planning a banner for me for a certain site, another person is doing some marketing apparently.  I don't know when any of these things or the video or the site will be ready.  I really hope they help!
  17. Am organizing - friend's idea but it's a good one! - business card drop (well, putting them in shops) as a group, few of us in same boat. Different industries.
  18. Am doing another workshop tonight, just with friends and my part is small but it's good to be working on these skills!
  19. Met with a friend whose a good writer yesterday and wrote three more blog posts with lots of help.   Will gradually add them to my blog, starting with one today.  
  20. Have been pro-active with the temping agency to try to get more temp teaching work to supplement my income.  I think that's starting to pay off!   I emailed the place I did the weekend course asking for my certificate from them today & yesterday emailed the evening one, saying where are the resources you promises, actually 2nd email but they've said they are on to it and I specifically asked for certain things I want as well! 
  21. I've started asking for more of what I want in general.
  22. Joined lots of business networking groups.  Will go to the odd meetup with those.
  23. Taken time to rest, do other things, have fun, do other work.
  24. Still no paying clients YET but I only just STARTED some of these things, plus a lot of things others are doing is not ready YET but it WILL be.  I am giving myself till the end of January at LEAST.  I DID originally say 2 years but it's hard not to get impatient.  If when I get my first PAYING coaching client, I will have a party!
  25. I have also been twice to two different NLP groups and bought some hypnosis scripts as I want to add those into the mix at some stage so that's a start.  EFT also maybe but I looked at a course in December but that one doesn't appeal.  I've spent SOME money on my business but already I am temping and not full time work so I'm holding back on spending more money for a little while.  I've asked hubby to please sort out a webcam for me and also at least get this laptop in better working order plus emailed him templates on my business cards and brochures so he can get them printed.  If he can't I will sort that myself.  But that's the end of November, start of December.  



Comment by AthenaMarina on September 16, 2011 at 4:06pm
P.S. Today through discussion I wrote down some things I DO have to offer, skills, personality etc. and some of that might go on my website.  OH I ALSO have a company name now, which I love.  :-) And I've identified some goals for the future.  But for me the biggest thing is vibrational, working on getting a feeling of how it will be when I have this business of my dreams!  And even how the next step will feel! I also talked to someone who knows about some free business training I can get - talked to her today. AND I've recorded some more songs - just on my phone :-) yesterday if any sound good i'll put some more on facebook at some stage :-)
Comment by AthenaMarina on September 16, 2011 at 3:22pm

I've been saying a bit of oh I don't have this or that - or the money to get it - for my business but from NOW I am saying what I DO have and I HAVE done.  SO here's an update since June 8th when I last posted. 

I have finished all 12 of the assignments/modules for my coaching course.  Within 2 months if I pass - and I think I will - I get my Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching!  Today I called up the course to get more info on future training steps. 

Well, quick update, I have now completed 11 assignments out of 12 in my coaching course, all Bs and As (often As!) and coached 4 people for free.  I will try to get along to an EFT seminar by a GREAT EFT practitioner.  I am helping to run a free retreat with some other members of my LOA & spirituality group I started about 18 months ago & I will hopefully be doing a wee bit of coaching, EFT & a tad of NLP with the group members (only about 8 of us, but it's a great start) who are coming along to this if they'd like this.  Read a bit more about coaching & NLP from books. 

DID go to that EFT seminar by GREAT EFT practitioner.  

DID help to run a free retreat with some other members of my LOA & spirituality group I started about 18 months ago - actually just over 2 years ago I started that group now -  there were 8 of us and I did a wee bit of EFT & NLP, took part in faciliation of an Abe process (credit given of COURSE!) found & showed a guided meditation.  Helped to set up the conference room, checked with everyone how were things going.  Helped set up a kind of resource room with my co-organizer with materials for people to enjoy.    Read even more about coaching & NLP from books.  Have started to learn a bit about selling.  Got a few more

coaching resources.  Have joined some groups not been to them YET.

I have put a brochure together - got help with the logo now I have a cool logo. 

Requested 2 testimonials just today.  Went to free coaching weekend which let me practice a wee bit more.

2 people wanted me to coach them for free - and another today in the park - if they contact me, one I am calling Monday pm it will be more experience.  Got a new coaching & business book today.  I don't actually ha ha like them THAT much! but I am SURE I will learn SOMETHING useful from them.

Have thought about a couple of potential niches.  Some ideas who my ideal clients may be.  Had to do a sort of business plan as part of my course so assuming it's a pass I have that now too.  I also may have someone from the bank call next week to see how they can help. 

Someone knows a person who'd like starting points in web design so I've said yes please re me helping them to get to my level for a small fee so I will follow that up.

I've talked to a temp teaching agency re getting casual work to supplement my savings to live off for a while.  So far that has gone well.  No temp work yet but have started the process, been waiting for some paperwork to clear which nearly is and getting 2 references from old job was like getting blood out of a stone even though they LOVED me (procedures) I HAVE found a way to get them at least for this agency.  I THINK I have definitely made a favourable impression on the agency so far. 

Despite all this, (and I was out of the country for a month only back since late Aug plus need/ed a good rest! even after that - lot of family time - it's so easy for me to feel like I still don't have enough to offer.

But that's NOT true!  And it's time for me to celebrate what I HAVE done & my achievements.  I've also attracted more free coaching for myself and been given two sessions of coaching so far by a fellow coaching student.

Lately I've been working a lot on my mindset, including some Abe processes using them on career today.

Comment by Joanne Morton on July 13, 2011 at 5:37pm
When someone suggests something to me - I am saying YES to doing this!  Just emailed another artist to meet up with her, followed through with an art gallery to exhibit the Mass Manifesting Mobile, called a womens art organization to talk to them and asked for payment for my art cards!   baby steps baby steps!!
Comment by AthenaMarina on June 8, 2011 at 1:27am
Haven't done more on the web design part, but asked someone for a link to a good site for making them & got one.  Will explore quite a bit later in the year & make myself a site.
Comment by AthenaMarina on June 8, 2011 at 1:26am

Thanks Cocreative!  Good to hear about the new venues for you too!

110alltheway, fantastic!

Well, quick update, I have now completed 11 assignments out of 12 in my coaching course, all Bs and As (often As!) and coached 4 people for free.  I will try to get along to an EFT seminar by a GREAT EFT practitioner.  I am helping to run a free retreat with some other members of my LOA & spirituality group I started about 18 months ago & I will hopefully be doing a wee bit of coaching, EFT & a tad of NLP with the group members (only about 8 of us, but it's a great start) who are coming along to this if they'd like this.  Read a bit more about coaching & NLP from books. 

Comment by Love on April 19, 2011 at 9:17am
I believe that the perfect job will be mine in the divine timing using the skills and gifts I bring to the table and my job will be a passion and a calling that is hand written for me alone.  The job that I seek is seeking me.
Comment by Cocreative on March 11, 2011 at 12:58am

Fantastic, Athena.  You are making lots of progress!

Congrats !


p.s.  I found some new venues for my work, too~

Comment by AthenaMarina on March 4, 2011 at 2:15am
Found an agency that deals with temp work including in my sector so I phoned them about two or three days ago.  I wanted to promote myself truthfully and well and I did so, I did a good job.  So closer to the time I WILL be applying with them. Yesterday I remembered the main reason i also want to do web design - which I'd forgotten!  I went to a coach group recently and someone was doing something that clicked with me so it gave me more of an idea what I want to do. Another coaching assignment completed since the last time I posted here so that's 8 down, only 4 more to go & I called and asked for the rest to be sent soon. A while ago I joined groups for EFT & NLP.  Haven't been yet but I will. There's a fantastic book on career change that's very positive & helpful & though I haven't applied all the techniques yet (I will when I leave at the latest) I've been reading a little of it every day during my bath.  Who else?

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