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Hi folks!

Thanks Nicole for reminding me to join - I spotted the group and thought 'yes', then got distracted (I have the attention span of a gnat!).

Anyone know much about archetypes? I've been working with mine for 4 years, and I love the work! BUT something peculiar is happening. Back then, I didn't want to accept the healer and the teacher archetypes so I chose some others. Now, I am pretty sure I have the healer and teacher archetype...but how do I find out which ones of the others aren't really mine. I'm kind of attached to them all.

Actually, writing this, I think I might know already...I just feel a bit bad for dumping them!!! Any ideas?



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Sat Nam, reverent greetings

This question was posted a while back ... it may still be relevant.

I love the Archetype work -- it is very powerful to bring these energies into my life. My wife and I just finished doing our 2nd Archetype Wheel. We felt that we had resurrected from our First One done about 3 - 4 years ago.

The way we do it is we each pick the archetypes cards we feel drawn to and what ever we don't pick the other looks through and is allowed to argue for one that needs a re-look. ( she can act as a mirror seeing things that I can't and vice versa).

then we randomly ( ie the Universe/ higher self ) picks from those cards - along with a number for house --- also 4 universals are included too .....

We did this last week and WOW -- I can feel the shift of energy already.

So you may be called to do another wheel -- try to involve someone that knows you well to point out shadows you can't see.

peace to you,

Haribhajan Khalsa
Hi guys

Thanks for the replies. That's really interesting that you've used the cards - I've never used them, I just go through the list and pick out archetypes that resonate. I may have to pick up some cards!! And how fascinating that they change with time...that's really caught my imagination. I never picked up on even a possibility of changes, but of course as we learn and grow we will change!

Brilliant. Thank you for such thought provoking responses.

Lots of love

I believe so, too. In her book, "Anatomy of the Spirit", she explains how to read your own archetypes on this wheel. All you need are the book, index cards, paper and pen. The exercise explains how to line up your "houses" and choose your archetypes. For me, it was very telling, and helped bring clarity to many situations.
In a way, it is an archetype "reading"...not complicated. You can also use them with friends or clients. Check out the book first, because I have read everything she has written and may be getting the titles mixed up..... I think this is correct, though....
I have just started reading Sacred Contracts . . . . . .I am defiantely interested in the subject and can see the Victim, Prostitute in me. I am still a little confused about the whole thing but hopefully I can finish the book soon and know what you guys are talking about!

Hi Jenna! When it comes to wheels and whatnot, I haven't a clue myself, but I do a lot of conversing with the archetypes and it is incredibly insightful. xx


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