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Everything is created by you. Everything. With this in mind, we have the ability to change anything. What have you been able to change in your life so that it is more in alignment with who you are? What do you want to change and how are you going to alter your beliefs and perceptions to create this change? Start with knowing what you want.

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Listen to Your Inner Voice - ALWAYS

Had a fabulous day yeterday at the beach, recuperating from the busyness of the last few weeks. It was so rejuvenating. The beaches in Vancouver are really lovely especially this one beach called Wreck Beach where clothing is optional. The people that go there are also a much more open, fun, relaxed group. Being on the west coast however the water is pretty damn cold, even the warmest sun can not heat it up. Yesterday however, as it was hot and my skin was sizzling, I made my way into the water. Usually i do not swim, i just stand waist deep trying to cool off, but this time I just let my body lead me along. i heard this voice talking to me,"dip yourself in". Oh god its so cold, i can'ttttttttttt. "Do it, dip yourself in". I knew that I had to as I was so hot and I did get heat stroke a few weeks ago. The cool water is a great cooling down of the body. So I counted to 3 and I dipped. Ahhhhhhh. "Stay in" said the voice. What?? Stay in?? "STAY IN". So I grit my teeth and suffered the few minutes of the cold water and paddled around saying to myself that this is just a sensation, enjoy what it is doing to your body. After a few minutes I came to not only really enjoy it, I was taken to another realm of healing. "Swim". knowing now that I better listen to the voice, I started to swim out to the deeper area and then swim along the shoreline. My foot which i had sprained last week was almost talking to me in JOY. There is no way to sprain one's foot in the water I thought, this is marvelous. After not having moved much for the past 10 days, the movement and kicking and flapping in the water was marvelous. I swam and swam, smiling, frollicking, really enjoying the incredible beauty of the water and the freshness it enveloped around my body.

My husband who was on the beach with a few friends said later that he was getting concerned as I never go in the water and he couldnt really see me. Finally he got up and made his way into the water to make sure that the women he saw swimming way out in the deep water was his wife.

I was obliviious, it was just so incredible.

I see the importance of listening to your intuition, your inner voice. Let it lead you, allow it fully, it knows. Leading me into the water, making me swim was exactly what I needed.

That is my intention from this day on - to truly listen to my inner voice, no negating what thoughts come thru, follow them, just say it or do it and proceed unabashedly without fear. I am excited to have really discovered the meaning of this way of listening to myself. Intellectually I have heard, read, repeated to myself - listen to your intuiition, but it there is always this niggling other voice that quikcly comes in ' no you can't, its not possible, forget it too cold, too scary, too hot, too dangerous, too risky, too blah blah. Enough of that!

It is only the thought that you have after all that creates all that is physical. The thoughts have to be what you want, all the time because that is what you are going to create, all the time.

Another gorgeous day in Vancouver. Opening my heart. Allowing. Going with my intuition. Having fun. Being blissfull and passionate. Going on adventures. Taking risks. Not holding back. Being full in the moment. Loving fully. Connecting with my multidimensional self.

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Comment by Lianna Walden on July 31, 2013 at 6:08pm

Focus on the thoughts in your imagination that make you feel good. Focus on the thoughts that bring you joy and that tickle you with excitement.


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