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Here goes: I want to be a life coach but (and?) some encouraging replies sought

I posted about this on another forum and was basically told if you can't sort THIS you have no business being a life coach!  But actually, I don't believe that.
I'm in the UK (happy there for now) am a renter and overall happy to stay put in our flat for now.  Our landlord uses the living room a lot plus we share the land line and he LOVES to use the phone.  If he gets another job though it's been a few months now, I could certainly work around this but right now he's home 99% of the time! 
When I am a successful coach I am happy to shout it from the rooftops but although my landlord knows I am having a career change I don't want to tell him what it is just get because he will rain on my parade and I am NOT having that! 
I want to be a life coach but I'm not comfortable about the idea of having clients at our place. renting out office space or using the shared line line for clients.
I'm quite happy about these methods of coaching:
Using my cell phone 
(I can pay for the calls, I get a lot of free minutes)
Coaching through: Skype, messenger, email.
Going to clients' homes
Meeting somewhere neutral like at a cafe (e.g. more and more have wifi if needed)
Running workshops
If (when?) the business grows then of COURSE I can look into renting out office space, getting my own landline etc.  but at the start I want to keep costs down although I've invested in my course and I am happy to spend some money on promoting this business etc.
Even if I DON'T have an office, my own living room or my own business line (though like I said I have a mobile phone) I STILL believe I have a lot to offer as a life coach e.g. I am caring, resourceful, positive, a "people" person and can read people up to a point, plus I have a lot of resources and knowledge to share.  I'm passionate about doing this and I have reasonably good computer skills which are getting better and I will have another 10 (nearly 9!) months to add to my resources and knowledge before I start.  Plus I have the law of attraction on my side! 
Can I coach this way because I'd like to think that I can and to build up to the office, landline, coaching people in the living room (right now I'd have to coach them in the bedroom ha ha!) (I will have enough money to support me and also I will do part time work if I need to but jumping into these other things - office, land line etc. I am just not ready for yet.) 

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Hi Athena.


Great post!! First and foremost, the only thing I myself feel is needed to become a life coach is the Certifcation. This will cover you with regards to insurance and legal responsibility.


Ive met my life coach in Cafes most of the time. So no, you dont need a office, or your own space at home. Alot of coaches now work online as well as face to face. Skype and the phone are also great ways to do it and it means you can go international.


Your coaching business can fit into any lifestyle, renter, home owner, shared accomadation. Being flexible and being able to think and work outside the norm are great qualities, but as i said first up, get qualified. As a business you will need to cover your butt legaly and your insurance prem will be lower.


Good luck, truely look forward to following your journey



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