The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I feel that among these wonderful cocreators there are stories to be shared about success in both business and personal lives.

I for one started working online for myself over 6 months ago. Going from a dead end job to a life of passion each and every day.

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and enjoy learning new skills. I started looking around online for ways to earn an income from home and have been through many stages along the way. Ive invested money I didn't really have into courses, products and businesses that didn't do what I thought they would.

Ive learnt many lessons and I appreciate each and every one of them.  Durring this time I have written articles, found my life purpose and made some wonderful connections.

I have a couple of websites, blogs and articles scatered around. I have launced two affilaite campaigns and I really really love this life.

I havent made any money, lol, however, its something that I know will happen and I am just staying true to who I am, why Im here and what I love.

I would really love to hear your story, why you started this path, how you started off, what words of wisdom you would share with someone who is thinking of doing the same. Everyone has something to give and every gift is appreciated.

I hope this becomes a more active and support group, this can be a lonely path without support from people who understand the ups and downs one goes through online.

May your lives be filled with passion!!
Much love

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Hi Aeroney,


Great discussion!

I am Najaam Lee, CEO, Creative Director and Stylist with the Vedic Image Group, a fashion imaging solution company specializing in styling and directing a clients' public image to styling many projects such as editorials, photoshoots, and appearances for special events.

I have always wanted to have my own company or be able to do my own thing from a kid. It has always been in the arts, from drawing, painting, to writing and directing events... I really did not see myself working for other people or companies so to speak. So, I just started with an idea, and then writing down steps to direct me in accomplishing it. I seek out people who may have more knowledge or skills in areas I'm unfamiliar with and get their advice. I have done a few different businesses, and what I have found that it really starts producing until at least 1 or 2 years into it. But thats my experience and being on this new path it may be different results for me and my new company.


If anyone is thinking about going into business for themself is you really have to love being by yourself, because in the beginning its very lonely, so you have to daily motivate yourself to get up and do. And secondly, I want you to give it your all. If you truly love your ideas and you can see yourself in it, then even if you get down to a penny in your name, keep going!! 

Thanks for allowing me to share,

Best regards,

Najaam Lee

CEO.Creative Director.Stylist

The Vedic Image Group

Hi Im  MJ  I was wondering how about those folks that have a few things that they love doing ,How do you choose whats right whats profitable  if you never tried any of your talents,Where do you begin,and which one do you start with??  Thanks  MJ   and good luck to all of us  .



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