The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Please share!

What is your job?
Why do you love it?
How did you get there?
What kind of job(s) did you have before you found your dream job?
What helped you find your dream job?
Any advice for those who are still looking for their dream job?
Any resources you would suggest?

Thanks for sharing!

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I am a personal development coach.
I breathe learning and sharing.
I just decided to jump!
All kinds... cashier, waitress, massage therapist, international trade specialist, truck driver, security guard...are there any more?
The continuous pursuit of passion helped me to find my dream job.
The only way to get there is to be consistently in pursuit of your passion. Even if you don't know. Pursue learning more about yourself and working different places.
Your own mind and conscious is your best resource. Trust yourself, please! I beg you. Trust yourself!
This is inspiring! What a great description of your dream job truly satisfying you in so many ways! Did you create your job, or did you find it, and apply?
Thanks for all of your advice!
Hey all,

Great group here!

Ok, so I'm not in my absolute dream job, however I do love it!

I work with children with social, emotional and beahvioural difficulties.

I used to work for the first 10 or so working years of my life as a secretary. Not that theres anything wrong with that but it was more because I didn't know what else I wanted to do. Then my boss of all that time left and a new guy came in and whilst he was great, life stopped being so easy (was not allowed to surf the internet all day) and I wanted out. He suggested that as I was good with kids that I do some kind of volunteer mentoring. I then thought working in a school would be perfect as it would fit in around Lucy as well. I did a course and then one day I had just had enough and thought "ok, trust" and handed in my notice.
Even though I had sent out loads of cv's, I had nothing back, not even an interview. On my very last day (six weeks later) I was just about to have my leaving do and feelings of panic rose in me, no job, eek!!! when the phone rang. I got an interview at a school to be a TA. That in itself was amazing. The interview was the next day, and I got the job that evening. I then had a blissful 8 weeks off before I started. It was lovely.

I worked as a T.A. for years and then we got a new team leader, she overheard me talking to a child one day, thought I was great and within a few weeks created a whole new role for me. Which is what I'm doing now. I pretty much get to decide what I do all day long and get to mostly work with kids that I feel would benefit the most.

Its now more like a cross between a learning mentor role (which I'm trained in anyway) and a T.A. role. Its perfect for me at this point.

Working with children is my ideal job.........however, I would love to run my own nursery. I have real set ideas about dealing with children, and although I don't have a problem conforming (as I get to work pretty much on my own anyway) it irratates me how some other adults speak to kids, belittling them etc.. or worse, telling them not to feel what they're feeling e.g. don't cry.......come now, don't be mad.........ARGGGH! Its my pet hate!
I want to create somewhere where children are free to express their emotions, encouraged even. Somewhere where they can truly know their power.

Its a project that is just awaiting my lottery win.

But right now, I'm utterly happy where I am.

One thing I find though, when I'm there, I'm constantly talking about what I like, the people I love working with. What I like about the school etc.. I think I get on some people's nerves (especially as I come in beaming after the holidays) but its really important to be in a job you love. We spend so much time there.

What does your job involve? It sounds great!!!!

And you're so right, you gotta trust and love yourself! It all comes back to that doesn't it? I was just thinking that as I was meditating just now.


Hugs all,

Jensine x
HI Jensine,
I enjoyed reading about what you do now -- working with children! Good for you, for basically creating your own title at your work place. You sound like an excellent teacher. I am also in the field of Education. I am a kindergarten teacher. I also fell into this job in a similar way you did. It's all about timing, and when it is the perfect time, space, and sequence in life, things fall right into place exactly how they are supposed to. I am currently at a point in my career where I am also (like you) happy--and knowing that there's a lot that I'd also like to be doing that entails teaching in a way that is MINE. Keep on believing and setting goals for yourself about what you currently love about your job, and maybe from there, you can create an even bigger title/name for yourself!!



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