The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It feels like I am at the end of the road when I ask myself what it is that I look for in an ideal job/career.

These are the things which I feel I don't want in my next job.

9-5 - Hours in the office.  I don't have problem with being in the office.  I hate having to be for a specific time frame.  I would rather be there when there is work to be done and have the time off when there is no work.  Or to choose my own hours.  This is mainly due to the fact that I am a mother and I would like to be there for my kids and seeing as their routine is something is out of my control, I would like to have control over the hours I work.  Also the stress of making sure they are looked after afterschoo and holidays is one that I can live without.

I wish for my effort and talents to be apprieciated and acknowledged.  A nice working enviroment, a place where you feel good, where you are with people what want to be there, to make a difference.  To have fun, to learn, to help.

To be rewarded well for the work, in terms of financial payments as well as being acknowledged for the level of effort being put in.


My likes, Travelling, Baking, Reading, Gardening, Hiking.

Some of the things holding me back, language (not fluent in German), not wanting to work 100% - being a Mum, I am looking for part time work. 

I am willing to look outside of what I have already done, I would like to find something which I am really good at, where I can earn good money, where I can work part time, flexible hours, good people, its fun!


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