The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Talk about it here! Please share what your thoughts about:
- your interests and things you enjoy doing
- the types of things or criteria you think your dream job might entail
- the things you know are NOT part of your dream job
- jobs/careers have you considered
- things that are holding you back
- anything you need help with
- any resources you've found that have helped you
- any experiences you've had thus far that takes you one step closer

Let's connect with others who are sharing this similar journey here!

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Ok...I'm going line by line here.
My things I enjoy are making people happy, I like to entertain (sing,dance,give advice,help people set goals and achieve financial success). I like surprising people with nice things too.

My criteria for a business/career:

Fun, exciting and enjoyable
Meaningful and purposeful
6-7 figure income
Definatly helping people and by doing so feeling accomplished and joyful
Setting my own hours

Whats not apart of my Dream Job:
Working for someone else
doing the regular 9-5, 8 hour shift some place I don't want to be
getting paid very little but being in one of the highest tax brackets

What I have considered and what is holding me back:
Real estate investing....I'm currently studying and allowing myself to attract the money for an experienced mentor
An internet business....I currently have one and it doesn't have a deep enough meaning to it
Being a professional singer and dancer....I think the industry is perverted right now and will continue to be

Anything I need help with: Well I am still allowing things to flow in my life. Like the $500 to get started with my mentor which is just 10% of the actual cost. I also would like to attract voice lessons. I did allow myself to be apart of an organization called dance4life which we entertain to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness. I found a great real estate mentor online and I am currently getting back into the swing of things in my internet business. These are all things that have brought me one step closer.
I am trying so hard to figure out my "dream job"! I feel like there are too many choices and I'm not sure what path to choose...

My interests/what I enjoy:

Reading, travel, studying/using foreign languages, writing about art, doing things with my hands, teaching and lecturing, designing/layout, researching, getting ready for big events

Things my dream job would entail:

Travel, reading/researching/writing, being in the art world/creative domain, dynamism, having to learn and take on new tasks instead of doing the same thing all the time, preparing for events, public speaking or leading classes, and a warm and supportive work environment

What it would not include:

Sales, making cold calls, data entry/rote clerical work, caring for children/housecleaning :), cutthroat competition/gossip etc.

Things helping me:

My academic program, internships, contacts I've made so far

Things holding me back:

My own shyness, indecisiveness, anxiety, inability to take the initiative, fear

What I need help with:

Figuring out what job includes all the things I listed above :) And improving my personality so I'm more adventurous/outgoing

Thanks! Even if no one has any advice at least this might help to get me thinking about things...:)
OK I will try to figure out my dream job!

I hope you can help me with a few suggestions of what my dream job could be right now.

My interests/what I enjoy:

Travel, develop business concepts, designing/layout, researching, learn new things everyday, helping others studying/using foreign languages, working in beautiful places

Things my dream job would entail:

Travel, reading/researching, be one of the best in my field , dynamism, having to learn and take on new tasks instead of doing the same thing all the time, doing strategic stuff (most of the time), instead of the execution part.

What it would not include:

Be in a office all day, have no time for myself, be paid poorly, working with people that expect you do all the work, not be able to travel, not have freedom to do new business

Things holding me back:

Decision in terms of making a business that I truly enjoy.

What I need help with:

Figuring out what job includes all the things I listed

Any resources you've found that have helped you

Helping others in what I known. And I know sounds weird but I'm taking the only thing I know for sure I love to do that's 'Helping People' and I'm using it to let the universe bring me close to my true path.
I'm still trying to choose a dream job to focus on. Any comments or ideas are welcome!

Interests/Enjoy doing
Travel, Singing, dancing, socializing, writing, photography, working out

Criteria for dream job:
Working for myself, six figure earnings, traveling out of and in the US , social events

Not part of my dream job:
having a boss, hourly pay, data entry, retail

Careers considered:
Restaurant ownership ( I loved working as a manager in the past, actually I loved every position in restaurants, even cooking. But even a manager has a boss) And until an owner is extremely successful, they'll be chained to the restaurant open to close every day.....not much time to travel.
Mobile Spa Owner-
My current at home business. I love the treatments and the relaxation time I teach women to have. I'm not a fan of retail sale even though I do ok. I have even built a team. But they have no real interest in working the business like I do. I love being my own boss and teaching others, but I can't want it for them if they don't want it for themselves.

more dream job considerations:
Being a singer, a talk show host, and author.

Whats holding me back?

Myself, I'm a procrastinator and a dreamer. But doing is another story.

What I need help with
Follow through! Getting on a productive schedule at home. Making time for excersize, meditation and real time with family.Oh yeah, did I mention I'm not susie homemaker?

Resources I've found
Meditations on YOUTUBE
The Secret and its many teachers, books and articles
THE 100 DAY REALITY CHALLENGE! I'm on Day 5, season 1, so I'm a newbee. In 3 minutes I made my own social network and can't wait to blog and get comments and members
Please join if you wish: I wouldn't have found this resource without this site.:))

Steps taking me closer
Always learning more, meditating, praying, singing and starting my 100 day challenge.
Ideas are extremely welcome!!
Much love!
Hi everyone! Just want to check in to see if your journey here on CCOR has gotten you closer to figuring out what your dream job is. I think figuring it out is the hardest part, but it gets clearer and clearer with every step that you take! I'd love to hear about your progress! Reply to your post and share! Sending you many blessings on your path.

-your interests and things you enjoy doing

Let's see... I love writting, spirituality, coaching, teaching, traveling, freedom, nature, research, helping others

- the types of things or criteria you think your dream job might entail

Earning 4-5K a month, Freedom, Creative, at home/my farm, independent, fun, exciting, exhilarating, time for myself and my family.

- the things you know are NOT part of your dream job

Routinary, a boss, dependant, shallow, in an office, aving to wear suit and high heels or make up.

- jobs/careers have you considered

Life coaching, writting, tour guiding spiritual tours, have a lodge in the rainforest

- things that are holding you back

My scarcity beliefs, my fears of failure.


- anything you need help with

Marketing the spiritual tours, my book

- any resources you've found that have helped you

My website

- any experiences you've had thus far that takes you one step closer

My experience in the travel business.


Writing (books and articles), travelling, learning about "green living" (green materials, organic food...), languages, studying



Enjoyable work environment.

Not doing the same thing over and over again.

At least 50,000€ a year (after tax)


Working with interesting and open minded people.



Working from 9-5.

Only office work.

Government job.

Boring tasks.



- an auditor (because I have a degree in economics)

- a writer (that's my biggest wish)

- an owner of a "green company"



I come from a very small country (2 million people). Writers don't make a lot of money here and I need money to survive. I could however hire someone to translate my book in english (like my friend with a degree in english language).

I am afraid that people won't like my book. It would crush me.

I own a "green" webpage and it's really good, but I don't really know a lot about internet marketing.



I don't have any experience with publishing a book. I have no idea what is the best way...what do do... how to get people to read it. Marketing isn't my strongest point either.

The same goes for my webpage. I could also use a lot of help with wordpress.



I read a lot of books on marketing.

I already had a meeting with a foregin company that could help me.





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