The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Please share your stories! Some questions for you to consider:

What is your dream job?
How did you figure out what your dream job is?
What other jobs have you had before discovering your dream job?
What (if any) steps have you taken any steps towards finding your dream job?

Please share any other thoughts, resources, videos, websites, quotes, or stories of things that helped you along the way! Thanks for sharing!

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It took me a while to figure out what my dream job is, but I've finally discovered what it is. My dream job is to be a fashion designer that designs beautiful evening wear and to also be a NY Times bestselling published author.

Just this past year, I've thought about and tried many different potential careers after leaving the consulting world: independent contractor (information architect/project manager), entrepreneur creating a graphic design/packaging design/wedding invitation business, feng shui consultant, energy healer, organic bath salt business, and then back to the world of the web as an interaction designer. I've gone through many transitions during my search for the perfect dream job indeed!

Now, I have finally nailed down a career path that I feel will suit my future goals and interests and I am sharing it here in this community and also on my new blog:

My journey is just beginning. I'd love to hear what all of you have been going through and to see if any of you are going through the same thing--starting a new career or going through a career change. Please share!
I went though this massive change of careers over and over until I finally figured it out! I am a writer and self-development coach. This is my thing! Awesome Group!
My dream job is to be a life coach and to be very good at it and make money AND help people. Plus I like the idea of some singing (for money) and maybe some writing thrown in there. Also be nice to be a computer games reviewer for money. Web design maybe too but the one I am focusing on at the moment is being a life coach and starting a course (in the UK) hopefully this September. I am currently a teacher (a dream job when I was a teen) and I asked myself what I DON'T like about this current career and job and what is the opposite of it and realized life coaching is a match to the things I DO want. (Plus the things I DO like about my current job/career.)
I learned about life coaching at a seminar about something else, someone gave me their business card and it said they were a life coach. When I looked it up online etc. I realized it was the kind of thing I'd been looking to get into. Haven't been in a place to start doing much about it till this year. My boss knows in five years I hope to leave and become a life coach and accepts that though she wants me to stay for 20 years! (Fat chance!)
Only steps so far are writing about it a bit, doing a slide show on being a coach and hunting round for courses (not so easy in UK as in the USA! but I think I've found some great resources. Will let you know that for sure when i know.)
AND I attracted free coaching myself by a coach in training this year - six sessions - giving me a better idea of how it will feel for my clients.
Oh with regards to the singing, writing, web design what have I done? Couple of photos of me singing on a slideshow, HAVE sung before e.g. for two weddings, one birthday, for a school event once, (was asked to sing for 3 of these) choir, kareoke but now I'm thinking I will only sing for money!
With writing tried a writing group but it wasn't a good match. If I found a writer's WORKSHOP for a good price (again, in London, UK) I would think about it. Tried writing a novel once several things got in the way and I stopped and I've submitted a couple of small articles to things online so far nothing published. YET.
(I DID have a poem get a gold star as a kid and another poem get published in the school magazine as a teen.)
Web design, just looking for courses - UK and distance learning - so far nothing seems write but again I'm not done yet.
Have also considered teaching English as a Foreign Language and might but it's NOT one of the dream ones.
I'm working towards my dream job ... it still requires me to step into it ... but that's coming. I will be working in an organisation, training people who are coming back into the workforce; looking at skillsets, CVs, interview techniques, negotiation skills, ... believing in oneself as the 'product' X company needs and having them believe it as well [so you're hired!]. Also working with community groups on life skills, and with organisations on their staffing dynamics. All these things I have used or am using in my current work - the idea is to have all these skills that I have, and am good at using, come together and be useful in one place!

Recently I attended a Christopher Howard, Breakthrough To Success Weekend in Auckland [New Zealand] and this career move for me came through very strongly. I could see the whole process; from me approaching them, them hiring me, me in a training situaton, training, travelling and signing up new clients.

I could feel it all ... and I know it's coming to me.

I know what I want my dream job to be, and that would be a character designer for animated films or television. Either that, or a storyboard artist. I do want to be somewhere in pre-production when it comes to animation

It's hard to say for me, because it's just so daunting. It's so highly competitive, and it's very hard to get a job as a character artist or concept artist unless you are stellar. And I'm still a student. But I'm trying to get over that, and telling myself that I am good enough, that I can step up and be an artist to get a job in character design. And to be able to be successful in my professional realm. I think accepting my professional dreams and goals is something I might do for my first 100 days.
I love hearing about ppl with fantastic obscure jobs like the one you described :)
here's a tip: stop telling youself that it's daunting, competitive, and that it's very hard to get the job you want! these things are true only to the degree you believe them!

ever wonder why there are soooo many not-fantastic artists/musicians/actors - whatever - that thrive in the biz while others who are ultra-talented can't seem to catch a break? it's all about belief

great luck to you, I am sure you are a fab artist!
My dream job is to be a fashion illustrator and I just completed a course in Costume Design so I love that too. I used to be a fashion designer Christine but it wasn`t really for me but I still love fabrics and well made clothing.I wish you every sucess!
I`m working on my website as part of my 100 day challenge.
What baby steps are you taking to making yr dream job a reality?
My dream job is to be an event/conert manager in Munich, Germany (where I live). I am a project Manager currently in the Telco Industry, however I definitely need to get out of there as it is not the right industry for me to be in.
My dream job is to create a company that caters to a specific group of people.
Working from home and being free to travel to get new material to create products.

Also to write books and poetry full time.

To commit 3 months a year to missionary/charity work..hands on...not donating but actually doing.
Makes me smile just to write that down.
Hi Everyone! Just wanted to check in and see how things are going for all of you! Have you made progress in pursuing your dream job? I'd love to hear your stories! And if you haven't, what's stopping you? Maybe your fellow co-creators can help by giving you some support.

My progress: I finished my first semester of fashion design school (boy, was it a lot of work!) and am now starting my 2nd semester. I have one year to go before I'm done! I also found an internship with a designer that I wanted to intern for...and it happened so effortlessly.

I also discovered that there was another career that I had wanted to pursue many years ago before I changed direction that is now coming out again but in a different way. I had originally wanted to go into medicine since I love helping people become healthy, and instead of becoming a doctor or surgeon that helps people after they are already sick, I wanted to help people become healthy by helping people practice prevention. As I kept asking about my passion in health and wellness, I discovered a program that is in my city that will train me to become a holistic health counselor through weekend classes. I am so excited! Instead of having to choose between two careers, I have decided to do both since both creativity and health are such an integral part of who I am! This program also focuses not only on nutrition and fitness, but also spiritually, emotional well-being, relationships and also helps students step by step to build their own practice. It is the perfect program and I am so excited to have found this at exactly the right time. I will be a certified and practicing by this summer, before I finish my fashion design program so that I can start taking clients.

I am really loving how the universe is delivering everything I need and want to live an abundant and joyful life. I hope to hear some amazing stories from all of you on the steps you've taken to get closer to your dream job!
Although I was "blind" to it, my dream "career" was with me all along. My joy is to sing and dance, perform on stage, and create costumes to perform in!
I guess my ambition is to learn as many traditional dance and movement forms as I can, and a million other things!!

I'm currently in my first year of Performance and Scenography studies at Aberystwyth University. I wasn't happy doing the Plant Biology course I was on until September, and I had an epiphany as I was walking by the sea one night in Aberystwyth. I had a friend who as in er last year of Performance and Scenography, and I realised I'd love this course, being so creative!

I don't want a traditional career as such, more a succession of projects that I'm passionate about, involved in and contributing to, as well as creating my own pieces from time to time.


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