The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Please share your stories! Some questions for you to consider:

What is your dream job?
How did you figure out what your dream job is?
What other jobs have you had before discovering your dream job?
What (if any) steps have you taken any steps towards finding your dream job?

Please share any other thoughts, resources, videos, websites, quotes, or stories of things that helped you along the way! Thanks for sharing!

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My dream jobs are to be a paid radio show host, run a successful intuitive consultation firm, healer, teacher, start my own clothing line, a writer, actress, and baker. Yes, I said jobs. I feel a return to the renaissance. No longer the days where you want to college for one profession and stayed there until your death. We are multi- talented beings. And life is all about changes and procession.

I do have my own radio show, so I am the path for that. and already have intuitive consultation firm just have to add successful to the front.And the rest are all in differet stages of the game. Who know it may be more it may be less only the universe knows.

this is a cool Group.
Peace and Blessings
Working with gifted musicians, actors and performers, bringing joy and help to the demands of their high-stakes careers, with all that involves--travel, jet lag, personal time, and the rest. Playing a major role in helping them get their work out there to the world, and creating greater recognition and appreciation for them. In return, I am not only greatly benefited financially for what I have and provide, but I am often involved in primary relationship in this circle and am privileged to be working with people on some of the greatest productions and artistic performance that inspires and uplifts people on a wide international scale.



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