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"Buddhism maintains that for every action there is a result; in effect, one is one's own creator. It is a way of living, a method of behavior that will deliver certain results." (ZaChoeje Rinpoche)

"Your life is a work of art. No matter what you have in your life right now, it's an accurate reflection of your beliefs - as easily as you can change events in a lucid dream, you can change your reality."

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Comment by Shanti on January 8, 2010 at 8:15am
DREEM - Dopey dog guards nest - Jan 8th
In our back garden. It’s spring, and th sun is shining in a clear blue sky. there’s an exotic birds’ nest on th fence. Looking at it with Matt & Ju. It’s quite low down & i'm afraid th cats will get it. Then Sengé wanders up & sits by me. I feel relieved - he can keep th cats away! Tiger from next door comes up & sits behind him, eyeing up th nest. Sengé doesn’t notice. Some guard dog! “Sengé - CAT!” (i’m whispering so th cat doesn’t hear me.) Neither does Sengé. “SENGS! Behind you!! hissss” At last he perks up. Turns & sees Tiger & chases him off.

[I wake up smiling. Like a dreem-panto! My waking thought is ‘if i’m co-creating this flat, why do i create such a cold, cluttered place to live? How did i co-create th saplings being cut down? Th snow’s a good touch, tho’.

It’s only when i put th kettle on & tidy a bit that i realize how invigorated & energized i feel. & No pain!
Comment by Shanti on January 2, 2010 at 8:18pm
Using th Law of Attraction to Lucid Dream /
Using Lucid Dreaming in th Law of Attraction.
Knowing that something is true, whether dreaming or awake, makes it our dreaming / waking reality.

What experience do people have of this?

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