The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Big Thanks to Nataly & Lizzy- who reminded us of this cool process from "Ask and It Is Given" Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). Let's try it- let me know how it works for you! I'm going to do it right now!

"Take this large paper place mat and we will guide you. Draw a line down the center of your place mat and as a heading on the left side of the line, write This I Will Do Today. As a heading on the right side of the line, write: Things I Would Like the Universe to Do.
Now, looking over your long "Things to Do Today" list, select only those things that you absolutely intend to do this day. Things you feel you must do. Things you really want to do. Select only those things that, no matter what, you intend to do today, and enter them on the left side of your Place Mat beneath the heading: Things I Will Do Today. and now, enter all other tasks on the Universe's side of your place mat.

During the process of transferring these items to the Universe's side of the place mat, her [Esther's] resistance began to soften, and her vibration began to lift. And while she did not realize it in that moment, her point of attraction had shifted, and she had begun, immediately, to allow the realization of her desires.

The Place Mat Process caused Esther to focus her desires more specifically and, for the first time, to release her resistance regarding the same. For when you ask, it is always given but you do have to let it in.

In the moment that you say "I prefer" or "I like" or "I appreciate" or "I want", the heavens part for you, and the Non-Physical Energies, in that instant, begin orchestrating the manifestation of your desire. In that instant! Faster than you can speak it, the Energy begins to flow, and circumstances and events, in an orchestration that we cannot begin to describe, begin to fall into place in order to give you exactly what you want. And if it were not for your resistance, things would happen really fast.

WOW! Let me know what happens!

You Hot Moguls Rock.

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Ok, now I did it! Hmm.. I really really wish it works!! I know this is probably not the thoughts to have.. But ok, I'll say I am excited over this and over how it will work out for me.

Thanks Rockstar-Sandy!
This is a great method - trying it and will release it to the universe,

Thanks for this,




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