The 100 Day Reality Challenge

How many things are on your to-do list right now? Or should I say how many pages of to-do's do you have?

this has always been one of my biggest challenges as a business owner. at any one moment there are hundreds of things I could/should be doing for my business, how do i choose what is the most important thing?

here's something that has helped me stay out of overwhelm and moving in the right direction every single day.

each morning before I open my computer, I close my eyes and take 3 really deep breaths. it's helpful for me to connect to my 'greatness' when i do that, visualizing a moment when I felt really 'on'. As I continue to stay connected to my breath and see this powerful business owner inside of me and all that she has to offer the world, I ask "What one thing can I do today that will have the greatest impact on my business"

and then I just listen, just notice what pops into my mind. i try not to judge it, by saying "oh that's stupid." or "that will never work", I just notice the idea or image that pops in. I ask the question a couple of different ways, "what action could i take today, that would have the greatest impact on my business (or my life)" and I breathe and listen and notice.

then i open my eyes, jot down anything that came to me. and I do that one thing. i may also get many other things done, but I know as long as i do that one thing today, I have followed my inner wisdom. and usually that's when the magic happens.

what are some of the things that help you when your 'to-do' list seems endless?

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Most of us have absorbed the belief that you have to work hard to "deserve" the rewards, and we feel somehow unsatisfied and unworthy (and guilty - OMG we are so good at doing guilty!) if it comes too easily.

Abraham is teaching the enormous value of taking the emotional journey before the physical one, of lining up with what we want and then only taking inspired action. It can be a challenge NOT to act! :) And no, I don't think "inspired action" applies to the small daily tasks we all have to do anyway... like I am not going to wait for inspiration to clean my teeth!

For me, a big part of this 100 days is learning the difference between motivation and inspiration in my professional life and then following through on the action I am prompted to take, while still ensuring that the other stuff gets done. It's a beautiful balance when it's right, everything flows perfectly and action is effortless.
My 'to do' list seems endless but I love lists! I know this might sound kind of strange but I actually feel more in control when I write my various lists everyday. I divide up my page with the tasks that I know I can take care of and a separate list for the tasks that I am handing over to the Universe to take care of. I read this in 'Ask and it is Given' by Abraham/Hicks. Every day I am surprised about how many things the Universe helps me with . It also helps with being able to ALLOW everything to unfold in a harmonious way.

Here are a few things I do to avoid feeling overwhelmed by my 'to do' list:
1. FEEL and AFFIRM that there is always plenty of time
2. Prioritize tasks from most to least urgent
3. Make sure that my children are taken care of FIRST. This gives me the 'green light' to go ahead with my SPROUT tasks without feeling guilty.
4. Take time to relax.
5. Really feel the satisfaction of crossing completed tasks off your list.
6. Reward yourself ( I just purchased the best pair of D&G glasses)

Being a 'HOT MOGUL' is all about balance - having your cake and eating it too! SPROUT Publishing is growing bigger everyday. My mailing list (I love lists....did I mention that?) is getting flooded with people that are excited about the upcoming launch of my book: 'The Path to Success' and the first issue of SPROUT Magazine (which features an article about CCOR!).
The one thing that helps me when I'm feeling overwhelmed is to step away from things for a moment. I try to stop thinking about what ever it is that i'm stressing about, and let go of the stress. Once my breathing has calmed down, and my pacing has stopped, then I can start thinking about the to do list again! :)
A few years ago I wrote an article "To do: Throw this list in the bin", and that really sums up my thoughts on to-do lists! I do use lists when I have things I WANT to do and I know I will forget, but in general I figure that if it's that important, I will do it anyway...list or no list!

In days gone by when my 'to-do list' ran to 5 pages and just looking at it stressed me out, i would ask myself 2 questions for every item:
1. Do I want to do this thing?
2. Will anything bad happen if I don't do this thing?
If I got 2 no's, it got crossed off the list! Most of the time 'to-do's are 'should-do's and I am a big fan of ignoring shoulds in exchange for wants!

I love that question Sandy, I'm going to add it to my morning routine. Thank you.

Hi Hot Moguls,
I am a list girl too! A girlfriend once shared with me what she does and now I do it too because I find it really helpful and now I would like to share with you.
In your diary rule up two columns each day ~ one with 'I Intend...' and the next with 'The Universe Provides Me....' Each night take a few moments to put in your intentions for the following day and in the other column what you would love the Universe to give you. I don't do this everyday, but I can tell you the days I do are so much more productive and I seem to have plenty of time to spare
Give it a go and let me know how it works for you, much love to you all :)
Create a beautiful day, Lizzy x
I were just thinking, doesn't anyone do Abrahams Place Mat Process, but i think that it is just what Lizzy is talking about. Have anyone else tried it? How did it work for you?


I've recently done something different about my big Project to do list. I used to work on 4-5 business projects and 3-4 personal projects at any one time. Seemed like a great way to make sure my virutal assistant staff gets utilized, I don't have to wait for something, and I make a bit of progress on everything. Reality -- I was just putting out fires. I never FINISHED any one project.

So last week I finally prioritized my projects (that was painful!), took entire projects off the list, and delegated a few entire projects. I went to project #1 and worked on that until it was FINISHED (funny, took just 1/2 of a day). No working or thinking about project #2 until the first was done -- if I had a thought or idea, I just wrote it down in the notes for project #2 and quickly returned to project #1.

Wow, I felt so much more in control of my business, but completing something (especially all in one day), like my huge project to do list was actually possible. So now I'm working on project #2. This is a multi-day project, but I'm not stopping until it's completely finished. :)

~ Elizabeth
This is great- I love your new process Elizabeth!
And thanks Lizzy & Nataly- I think I'll start a new discussion about The Placemat Process... I forgot about that!

I'm going to do it right now!
This is pure gold!

Thank You ♥ xoxo
Sandy, that's a great system. I have been following it tho' I discovered it myself... Another trick is one I heard from Brian Tracy. He said that often there is something that sits there on our to do list that we dread or wish we didn't need to do and it soaks up our energy. He said imagine if you had to eat a frog. When would you do it? First thing in the morning... so it is out of the way rather than tormenting you the entire day and coloring your enjoyment. So I have a frog on my vision board and a caption underneath saying "Eat that FROG". I don't manage to do it first every day, but I am coming closer. I am in the midst of your book, Journalution. It has been VERY helpful for me. Thanks. I also have you Manifesting program just arrive. And now I really do have so much to do. Whew. Finally, what bought you to Boulder? I live in Boulder up on Sugarloaf...10 minutes in to the mountains. Boulder is an amazing place. Peace. Matt
Hi Matt,
I missed this comment and am just reading it now. How are you doing? We love, love, love Boulder! My husband sold his business which gave the us opportunity to move here, we've been dreaming of moving to colorado for over 10 years- finally!
I wake up each day so, so grateful that we live here. It's truly amazing.

Sending big mojo your way!



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