The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I just uploaded my book to scribd for those that would like download it for free....


"I AM A Money Magent"



It is a book of affirmations that help bless us all in attracting more unlimited wealth to us and those around us.



Blessings to EVERYONE....

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Blessings to you, David! :)
Thank you, blessings to you too.
Oh David..this is a Christmas gift to many people this year!
: o )
Thank you so much, David! I sent the link to a few friends too! Have an awesome one!

Thank you Tab. I hope everyone enjoys it.
Just had to take a moment to let you know David....I took your book...and went thru it as you suggested and hilighted the ones that felt the most right to/for me. I then recorded them on a multitrack underneath some of my favorite jazz pieces. They are now subliminal messages that play when I'm on the computer and on my IPOD. I also made them into a CD, so if I wanted, they can be played in the car when driving too!!!
Great idea. Thanks for sharing that. It truly feels good to know that something I did has a positive effect in someone elses life.
Wow! What software do you need to do this? I LOVE this idea! It's just like Bill Harris' (from The Secret) Holosync meditation CDs!
I work for a radio station and we have software that does this. Cool Edit is the name of the software. I'm looking at other things to do subliminal affirmations with as well.
Cool! Keep me posted BB! I'm interested in this stuff..
You're welcome and blessings to you too.


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