The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I love this book.


Change your aura by seeing money from a slightly different perspective.

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I hope you love this book as much as I do Edith. It really helped to open my spiritual eyes. Blessings to YOU.
Thank you for posting, Dave. This is wonderful.
I'm glad you like it. When I came across this book it was one of my favorites and still is. I think the biggest thing it taught me is that there is a huge difference on how we choose to look at something. On the surface it may seem like a subtle difference but outwardly it changes our world.
That is great Edith. That is exactly how I read all the books I read also. I make it a point to comprehend what I read and that sometimes means reading a sentence or paragraph 4 or 5 times if necessary so that I get the meaning before I can start applying its principles. When I first started reading all my metaphysical books and was blown away by what I was reading I had someone keep reminding me that reading them would do nothing for me, that I had to practice and live the principles and experience the RESULTS of them. I am so happy that you aren’t just reading them but actually putting into practice the principles. It makes me feel good that you are getting something of value out of them, which is results in your life.
Thanks so much for sharing!!
You are very welcome. I love sharing amazing books.
Started the book last night and finished it this afternoon. Great quick read. Think it'll become a weekly read, until it is second nature. Enjoyed the affirmations at the end...and have flipped some around to be more personal. Again, sooo much thanks for this enlightenment.
It's a great book to re-read until it becomes a way of thinking for us. I like how you make it personal to you... THAT is how we get so much out of our reading when we know a truth and make it our own. : o )


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