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In order to achieve you ideal body? things like stretch marks? please share your opinion very important to me

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Yes I do belive we can!
I totally agree we must put the focus off what we don't want and only on what we do and make affiramtions and self talk on the outcome desires we truly do want say it over and over and beleive you are healed

Oh, you wanted me to elaborate. A few years ago, I was in an accident where I fell off of a ladder - off a stage - and onto the floor (approx 20ft fall) with my left arm catching my fall. The bones were jammed with my elbow taking the brunt and receiving a fracture. Thankfully, it wasn't too serious, though it did require a full arm cast and sling.

In the days following, I kept focusing my energies to healing - 'My arm is feeling better... my arm is feeling better.. it's healed.. it's healed.'

Two weeks later, I go in for a checkup. The cast comes off and stays off! I'm sitting with the doctor who takes out his voice recorder and notes. He mentions: "...patient has made a 'miraculous recovery'." This story is true, and the medical transcriptions are on file in his office.

- Terry
Go Terry!
I love my beautiful body and how flexible and how strong I felt doing my yoga scupt tonight
You know I do believe we can, being that the mind is such a powerful thing and can work for or against you depending on how you think. I've known incredibly positive optimistic people who were able to beat their health issues, and at the same time have known negative, self sabotaging people that just "gave up" when they were given a negative diagnosis. Well how does that work? I believe it's because will power is really a very strong thing. I had a long list of health problems myself. Sure, initially I though to myself, how one earth am I going to beat all of them? My hubby pointed out that I'm a very strong and determined person and he'd never let me give up. So there you go....he motivated me. :) But yeah I have to admit that whenever I run into someone with health issues and seems to be struggling, I have to motivate them, to make them understand that they alone can cure them.

I believe it is possible to make remarkable positive changes in ones body. The human body is so amazingly resilient in the sense that in most cases muscles can become firm again through exercises. Some exercises that utilize resistance stretching like yoga also tighten the skin considerably.


A baby quasar will take away stretch marks. It is a remarkable device... my belief is that law of attraction pulls the solutions into our lives. For example I have found an occupational therapist and chiropractor team who has skillfully taken in hand my recovery from a recent accident. They are actually helping me to correct a situation that was developing due to my long hours spent at the desk for several year. Anyway now I am on the path to recovery and to a much more beautiful body than I have had in a long time.


The baby quasar is excellent too! It actually builds collagen in your skin in a way that is actually very healthful to your entire body. It takes years off your appearance and softens your skin.


Edited to add: I have nothing to do with the sale of the product, I just really like mine.



Yes I do:) Our cells have the ability to regenerate themselves.

Do you believe that we can reverse the ageing process too and if so , is there anything that you have read on it or on you Tube

all best wishes



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