The 100 Day Reality Challenge

1) I love and except my body & my self the way i am right now.
2) I am grateful that my body allows me to experience this amazing life experience
3) My body is wise & knows what it needs to thrive

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I love my body and treat it with absolute respect.
I enjoy the sensuality of my body.
I cherish and support my wonderful body in every way possible.
1) Every cell in my body radiates with love and light.
2) I enjoy the ease of movement my body allows.
3) I am unique and enjoy this physical experience.
I accept and respect my body...all of it...right this very moment.
I love how my body resonds to the exercise I am doing.
I love having the physical miracle of my body for my soul to dwell.
My body is a good body!
My body is my friend.
I do everything I can to give my body what it truly needs.
1. I love that I have a perfect healthy body.
2. I love that I'm comfortable with it.
3. My body is a blessing from God.
I love how resilient my body is. I am fortunate and grateful to be able to fit into things that I wore before I had my son.

My body is amazing. It is the vehicle in which I experience this physical reality through my touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.

I love how I can use my body to express myself. My body loves to move and it moves whenever music is on. I feel so good and so happy when I'm dancing.
My body is beautiful, strong and attractive.

My body is full of boundless energy.

My body radiates love and light.
I love and respect my body now.

I'am grateful for all the things it allows me to do.

I nurture and love my body.

 Thank you for the ability to walk and run, jump, swim, and all the things my body and especially my legs offer.

Thank you for my strong respiratory system that allows me to exercise with ease. I can always breathe with ease.

Thank you for my fast metabolism.

1) My body is amazing. It has such strength and courage and stamina. It 's ability to heal and bounce back is truly spectacular!

2) I love how my body responds so quickly and beautifully to a healthy diet and excercize. Without fail!

3) My body is full of love and light. It can glow, when I feel nothing but love and happiness flowing through. My husband has said, "Wow! You are seriously glowing!" and I can feel it.

I am the Goddess of the Universe of Cells that make up my body and I am a Benevolent God

I love my body and every cell in it equally

I love the curves and the strength of my body

1) First Name: Shellan

2) What Season of your 100 days you are in: one

3) Random fact most people wouldn't know about you: I ran on the collage cross country team at 42

4) 1 thing you do to show self-love & to Nurture your body: use essential oils

5) 1 thing your working improving in your lifestyle to show your body more love: talk to it lovingly


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