The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Embracing Love Within & Rising in Action to make our Dreams Manifest in Reality.

I believe it is when we "Embrace Love From Within" that we touch upon the true core of ourselves, and it is within this Light their is the Divine Connection that embraces us to the Divinity of Love itself.

I believe that the true essence of Love is within me as a reflection of a manifestation of Heaven within me that makes it possible for me to Walk Heaven on Earth....It comes from the Embrace of Love within.   It is the cradle of Love that we each search a Life for to be all that we can be and dream of Rainbows of Light that our souls begin to soar as Eagles or Seagulls in which nothing is impossible in Flight.   It is the Flight that becomes the manifestation in reality when we "Embrace the Love within us.... It is that part of us that is Harmony.  I believe when we touch that Harmony the Light of Harmony becomes a  manifestation of creation of Love.   This manifestation is the walk of understanding that true success is the Harmony we project out into Life and we breathe back in

this Love that we Embrace as a foundation from within our Person of who we are..

I love Humanity in its Unity where we share our common goals for all with Hopes, Inspirations and

goodness for all.  This is "It's a Wonderful Life" .. The Joy for all and The Spirit within that rises each of us to Love...

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I m not quite sure what it means - embracing love within - I guess nurturing and honouring each aspect of ourselves - the the divine mother , father and child - sitting silently with this embrace - it s a sacred space so one needs to cultivate this sacred space where one can meditate - sit in silence and peace - usually in one s home - creating a temple within a temple . My body is the divine temple for this divine love . 

Being in this vibration , I can align to my highest aspirations . I can be at one with it all .



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