The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi, it's my Day 2 here of Season one and I'm so happy to see so many people here who are working on themselves as hard as I am.


There' are three things I want to manifest in Season 1.


1. Myself - I want myself being independent, passionate, more positive, carefree and worriless. I want to love myself and love my life. I want to be content with what I have and start to receive rather than chasing.

2. Relationship - I want to rebuild my relationship with this one specific person I went out for three years. While I’m working on myself and making progress, he’s still holding back on the relationship because things happened in the past. He will be away for three and a half months start from Mid December. I want us to have a clearer view at where we stand and reach a mutual agreement on where it goes from then. I want him to be more open up and able to let our past go and we can rebuild together the best time in our lives.


3. I want to finish my career exam and start from there be able to think more clearly on what’s my dream job and make a decision to move towards it.


Please help me to give me energy and strength to achieve this. Thank you!




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Hi Sharon!

I really wish you all the best on your journey. You seem to have very definite goals here which is great! 

Now that you have asked for what you want, you can meditate and visualise those things as if they were real, because they are. You can now ban the words "I want" and affirm with 'I am " "I have" I am so happy now that" and feel the feeling....

But I'm sure you know that already! : )

The thign I can identify with is the worrying.

That is my greatest challenge.

Anexample in my life is that I would meditate and visualize and feel absolutely wonderful, and then after meditation I would start to worry about things, which in turn seems to create a huge gap between my vortex and the physical world.

And that kind of undoes all teh good vibrations I have put out there.

Worry was my biggest pitfall.

And now I live by this quote from Abraham Hicks:

"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want"

I remind myself of this whenever I worry.

Then, as Abraham suggested, I keep saying to myself the words, Ease and Flow...over and over again. I feel the feelings of the words and I start to let go, realeasing tension.

It really helps on a daily basis. It really raises my vibrations.....and I feel positive, and passionate, and i love myself more.

So I hope this helps, at least with the first part of your journey.

Keep us updated too! I'm very nosy!  lol  : )

Hi Celine,

Thanks for the reply. You are so right about the visualisation and worrying part...that seems to be a constant struggle there. Your reply made me to look the goals I set on Day 2 of my Season 1 challenge which has already finished two weeks ago, and I have to say I reached most of them. The first goal, for sure and I'm getting better and better everyday. The second goal - well, I did achieved the clarity that I wanted though not in my ideal way but there has been too much worry involved in that one so I gotta let it go. Finished my exam but not sure if I pass. I'm very excited about starting my season 2 in the new year.

Welcome to CCOR and hope you have a great time here. xxx



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