The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today my car was at the garage and I was told that I have some major repairs comming up within the next year.

Although my car is reliable and always gets me to where I want to be, it is an old car and I would love to have a new car manifested with your help. The car that always makes my heart sing when I see it is an Ocean Blue Toyota Prius

Can you picture me driving my Prius?
Thank you all and - in time - come over and take a ride with me......

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Brilliant! xx
Emha, I see you in the driving seat of an Ocean Blue Toyota Prius (or is it something even better?!) - I see you beaming as you drive your beautiful, reliable, gorgeous car that called to you - it loves you as much as you love it! I see that it is paid for with ease, and the whole process of getting this car has been joyful, fun and easy. I see you parking it outside your home at night and smiling at it as you say goodnight.


PS Fabulous poster!!! x
Emha driving her Prias! Imagine that!

Lol - Gerlaine this is BRILLIANT!! xx
This is how I see you driving your Toyota Prius soon! :)

Thank you guys so much for your support.
Gerlaine realy made my day with the adjustment in the poster!
You're welcomed. I give you my love!
Emha, I love your new car! It really suits your character and you look and feel great behind the wheel. I can see how happy you are now that you are driving the car of your dreams. You are so relaxed driving this car knowing that it is serving you well and that you really deserve it - Enjoy the drive!
Love Lynne
Emha -
You look so hot driving your ocean blue Prius!!!

i can see the smile on your face as you sit in your prius enjoying that new car smell, and loving all the extras it has. messing around with the sat nav (how long will it take to get to milan), amazing yourself with the automatic lights and windscreen wipers, and oooooooh the extra bit of joy as you turn up the music on your favourite song

Guess what I found in the mail just now: a questionair with an actioncode for several prices, the grand price ocean blue Toyota Prius!!! The car that makes my heart sing...I just know it is soon to be mine!


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