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thank you for starting Japan group.

i saw some people starting groups such as france and germany so i was wondering if there was japanese one.


but nothing seems to be happening here...


well, then here is some news.

"I lost my job and I liked it" by Lilou Mace was translated into japanese and now it is in book stores everywhere in japan.

i was extremely lucky to have a copy and am thinking about doing a video review.

i want every japanese people to read it.


thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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one of my favorite spiritual site in japanese is COCORILA.

and it features "I lost my job and I liked it."


other site that features the book is


She will be popular in japan soon!

Hi Chieko,


I started this group hoping to find out about how the law of attraction and this website was doing in Japan. It is excellent to see that Lilou's book made it out that way.


I think a video review sounds like an excellent idea!  Let us know when you put it up on youtube.



Hi Justin,


thank you for replying.


i made a request to COCORILA to interview Lilou so that many japanese would notice the great work she is doing.

so maybe you want to pray? 






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