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as many of you already know the book "I lost my job and I liked it" was released in Japan in Japanese.


i really want many japanese to know who she is and what she does so that they can get benefitted by her great works.

so i requested one of the biggest spiritual online sites called COCORILA to have an interview with Lilou on her latest book. 

i know there are not many japanese speaking people here but if you can please send a request to:


also i want to attract bilingual people to get her interviews translated into japanese. 


please covisualize those visions.

thank you.



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That is a lovely idea and I hope that it eventuates. I will visualise it happening it also.



Thank you Justin for your support!

i really appreciate that!


i do want get Lilou interviewed by japanese media, but i also want her to come to japan and have some interviews with some of the leading spiritual people in japan. 

so i want to make a list of those people so that people can get to know what is going on in spiritual world in japan.

i am not an expert of any sort of spiritual world so i just randomly picked up from internet. 


one of them is:


he used to be a typical father and husband until one day he heard the message of his higher self.

he is a japanese version of Neale Donald Walsh.

he said in his blog that his mission is to tell what it is to be a human and what the heaven is like and the meaning of karma. 

also he said that the number of people who can talk to its higher self will increase in near future. 


i personally do not believe him (meaning not everything) but he seems to be an interesting person. 

thank you for reading.


one of the places that i want Lilou to vist when she is in japan is Ise Jingu.


Ise Jingu is a shinto shrine, where Sun Goddess is worshipped. 

it is a very beautiful place and it is about seven times bigger than the Versailles. 


i think the best time to visit is in the early morning. 

also there are many places where photogrape is prohibited so i hope people would follow the rules.

i made a video of the book review in japanese:)


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