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Hello! I am new to the cleanse. I have did some research on the net and found out some info. However, I found this group so decided to you all may able to help me. I found a recipe on the net (lemons, cayenne pepper, organic grade b maple syrup, spring water). Is this what you guys use? There is also a salt-water flush to use during the cleanse (use upon rising.....drink a mixture of: Uniodized salt in quart of water. or use a laxative tea). Do the cleanse for 10 days.

My question is: am I on the right track? Or should I be doing something different?

I am also kinda scared.....of getting sick! Like......anerexic! I am very thin now and don't wanna get this disease. I don't think this ALOT....just a small part of me. I just need to ask so, I feel a little more secure. often do you do this cleanse?

Any info./suggestons would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! xoox Gypsie

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First of all I'd like to apologize for the lack of activity here. I know its not my group, but I feel bad because I think this group could do a lot of good, if it was more active. Secondly, it sounds like you've got everything under control. Ten days is great for first timers. Don't skip the saltwater flushes though! Some people do and more often than not they will regret it. You want to feel clean, energized and awake while on the master cleanse--if you neglect to cleanse your body properly you will feel tired, sluggish and irritable.

This is what works best for me and all the people I know personally who master cleanse yearly: drink one cup of organic laxative tea before going to bed and then when you wake up, do the saltwater flush. Let me know if you have any questions! If you haven't read the book, The Master Cleanser, I highly recommend it! Let us know how it all turns out for you. I'm excited to hear about your results. (-:

Peace and blessings to you and your family!
Anorexia is a psychological disease perpetuated by the sufferer's distorted image of their own body. You can't contract anorexia from being too thin.

Yes, you are correct about the recipe but it sounds like you need to read up more on the subject before starting.
I am planning on starting my 3rd cleanse May 22. I initially wanted to do a cleanse every quarter, but I feel the need to do one before my summer classes start. If you need someone to do it with, I would be more than happy to start with you. Just let me know if May 22 is a good start date for you.
Hi Gypsie!

I started this group and as Jordan mentioned we sometimes do lack activitiy. The pdf for the Master Cleanse is on the first page of the group. It is sort of hidden...right under the group picture.

You can increase the amount of maple syrup you use in your lemonade. (At least that is what the Master Cleanse experts suggest.) Or increase the number of drinks you have a day. If you want to cleanse without losing weight. You will know what is right.

The best part of the Master Cleanse is that it really makes you aware of your body.

Enjoy the journey!



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