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Comment by Cocreative on July 7, 2010 at 1:52pm
I live in a gorgeous, spacious, secure place of natural beauty, light, and air. I can travel whenever I want and live some of the time in Europe and Hawaii. I have magnificent, lovely, caring and devoted people to help - a fabulous cook who knows New Age nutrition, a gifted and creative gardener, maintenance crew, housekeeper - all of it. There's a pool and tennis courts, film viewing room where we can watch my latest cinematic creations - those for which I wrote the screenplays and the ones I produced myself. They are full of meaning, truth and inspiration. They uplift people and make them feel the joy. There is fabulous scenery around here, and the location is perfect - convenient, yet very private. ALL of my belongings and treasures, and I myself are completely safe and secure in this house and in travels at ALL times. Everyone around me is honest, loving and loyal. My creativity has brought me unimagined wealth and well-being. A portion of this wealth is always directed to the places where it can do the most good for the advancement of humankind at this time and the understanding of our connection with Soul/Spirit/Life/Love and Truth. I am loved, loving, happy, enthralled, excited and delighted. I do not age because I have found the ways to overcome this material belief. I am able therefore to help others manifest life extension. I'm with friends and partner(s) who appreciate excellent music and arts, ideas, good books, teaching and learning, high level performance, fine dining, whole foods, alternative healing methods, sustainable and green living, creativity, excellence, joy and great humor! They are all a great GIFT to this life, the soul purpose of which is now crystal CLEAR! Thank heavens! At last!!! I am a bringer and broadcaster and creator of love, joy, light, and inspiration. All is well and will always be well. And so it is. Thank you, Universe/God/Creator for these countless blessings starting RIGHT NOW! And so it is. Amen.
Comment by Tashy on July 8, 2010 at 8:37am
In a year:
I am healthy and happy! I'm living a long and healthy life. My body is completely healthy. I feel amazing and I'm not worrying about my health.
I have a wonderful partner. We love and support each other. He is very understanding and he gives me space, when I need it.
My parents and I are best friends. They are very proud of me. They are happy and healthy.
I have a successful and creative international career. My job is great, I love it. I constantly help people and they are very grateful.
My first book is a success in my county and abroad. I am a great writer and I'm writing my second book.
My body looks amazing. I don't have cellulite. My legs are still amazing. My tummy is flat and my breast are healthy, gorgeous and smaller.
I meditate as often as I can and I exercise at least 5 times a week.
I eat healthy. I don't eat sugar and white-flour food. I feel fantastic. I drink a lot of water and herbal tea.
People enjoy reading my website and I get at least 1000 visitors a day. I inspire people.
I don't have money problems. I always have enough money to live a nice life.
My partner and I are planning our first child. My ovaries are healthy. I don't have cysts on my ovaries. They are gone. I feel so blessed.

I'm living a long and healthy life.
Comment by Wende on July 9, 2010 at 9:54am
Here's my "new" story...(most of which i have realized that i already have and am so grateful for!)

"My life is so blessed! I live in a beautiful, big house that has enough room for us all to spread out when we need to, but is cozy and warm when we need to be together. It is decorated beautifully with lavish furnishings and artwork. My kids each have a space of their own with unlimited things to do and play with. I have an incredible workspace that inspires me to create beautiful things.

We have beautiful clothing that we dress in every day and we all always look fresh and put together. I have long, healthy hair that is always styled perfectly.

When it comes to finances, we always have an abundance of money and always have way more than enough to pay our bills and buy the things we want! Our home is paid off and we only have monthly utility bills. We take fabulous trips with and without our kids to places like Disney World, on cruises and overseas. In fact, we are getting packed up right now to take a 10 day trip to Disney World and Universal Studios! We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in a suite with a view of the animals in the mornings! It will be so great to wake up and be able to see the "wild animals" right outside our windows! We have planned this trip so well and we have such an abundance of money that we can buy anything we please without worrying on how we will get it home!

After we get home from Disney, hubby and I are taking off for a 7 day cruise to Key West and beyond!

We also drive our dream cars, a HUGE F250 truck that is brand new and fixed up just how hubby wants it and my new car is so fun! It's a crossover (or whatever those smaller SUVs are called) that has 3 rows of seats and has enough space for all of us plus when family comes into town, we only need to drive one car around! It's fun and zippy and is great on gas!

Both of our jobs are going great too! Mine is easy peasy and the people are great AND they gave me a raise! Hubby's job is also going great and they let him work all the over time he wants! He loves staying busy! My online sales are also booming! I have so many to keep up with everyday that it can be a tad overwhelming at times, but I love it!!! I have so much traffic to my website and my Ebay/Etsy shops! I am a Powerseller on Ebay every month!!!

We live a totally stress free life with no drama and love it! We do what we want, when we want to! The universe always gives us what we want and we are sooooo grateful for it!"

Now in reality, pretty much most of it is already been given to us! I know the universe will give us a way to get this house paid off and the cars we want soon! I know a trip to Disney will be delivered to us by December 2010 and that we will have a great time! I know this because I've asked the universe for it, let it go and trust that it will come to me!

What's your story? Put it out there and it will happen! Trust that it will and my new motto is "let go and ride the wave!"
Comment by Cocreative on July 9, 2010 at 11:54am
My online business is thriving, producing a generous income and more or less runs itself. I have plenty of freedom to do my writing and travel whenever and wherever I like. I have right now four avenues of income online with products and services selling like hotcakes! And so it is.
Comment by MARIA on July 15, 2010 at 11:32am
My story is that i am more energised and physically healthy in mind body and spirit. My excersize routine is like second nature, and it has improved my breathing and muscle aches. I have beautiful healthy long hair. My residential status is sorted and i am living in the right country. I have passed and completed my studies. I have a good financial income that sustains me living in a beautiful home. I am able to gain more beauty therapy skills. I have passed and completed driving lessons, and have my own means of transport. I am surrounded with good friends, and family are often coming over to visit.
Comment by Cocreative on July 15, 2010 at 4:12pm
My NEW story is I am very, very grateful for all the blessings of this house, and its provisions, convenience, and happy memories! I am also grateful for the abundance and generosity of this community--the one I live in, as well as CCOR!
I am now taking action in outreach to the community and broadcasting my talents as the Spirit prompts me. This is good!!! It feels great!!!
Comment by Tashy on July 17, 2010 at 1:21pm
I'm healthy. My body is healthy. My mind is healthy. Everything about me is healthy.
I feel amazing every day. I have a wonderful body. I have beautiful skin and hair. My nails are healthy, long enough and beautiful. My breast look like Scarlett Johannson's and my eye side is getting better and better. I don't have cysts on my ovaries. They went away with my healthy diet and lifestyle. I also don't have problems with my stomach, because I don't stress a lot.
I know I'll be healthy all my long life. It's a fantastic feeling.
I never eat processed food and I love water.I eat raw vegetables and fruit every day.
I'm just so healthy and happy.

My job is amazing. It's everything I wanted. I have enough money to live a wonderful life.
I'm learning a new language.
My relationship is amazing. My partner is truly "the one" :)
Comment by Eix on July 20, 2010 at 11:26pm
I usually write in English, but I was just not getting this done, so I’ll just write it in Spanish, if anyone wants to know what it says, It’s basically the description of the first morning I wake up after my 100 days :)
Es sábado 9 de octubre del 2010 y me despierto fascinada y feliz, sorprendida por las grandes cosas que he traído a mi vida y maravillada por el poderoso proceso detrás de todo eso.
Es sábado 9 de octubre del 2010 y me despierto llena de energía, me estiro cuan larga soy en la cama antes de levantarme, sabiendo que estoy a punto de vivir el mejor día de mi vida, tal como los 100 días anteriores que tuve la suerte de vivir.
Me levanto para ir a trabajar, me encanta hacerlo y es un grupo estupendo, los chicos son increíbles, bien portados y con muchas ganas de aprender. Me levanto y encontrar ropa en mi closet me es muy sencillo, porque lo tengo ordenado, mi ropa limpia y además, he podido comprarme cositas nuevas gracias a la situación de bonanza que pasamos en Kinky.
Sonrío al pensar en las abundantes ventas que hemos tenido los últimos días, me alegra saber que he sido motor de ese éxito, que estos logros son gracias a mí. Miro a mi lado y veo la revista Veintitantos del mes con nuestra participación, nuestro regreso, mi crédito, mi éxito y mi futuro.
Mientras me visto, miro mi Vision Board y sonrío (sí, no puedo dejar de sonreír xD) al ver que todo lo que plasme, lo tengo o viene en camino. La pasión abundante y manifiesta en todas las áreas de mi vida, el amor desbordante, la prosperidad económica, los planes para las vacaciones y mi coche.
Mientras me baño, agradezco las hermosas cosas que la vida me da todos los días, me encanta sentir el contacto del agua, la espuma del jabón y saber que cuido mi cuerpo para estar más linda, hermosa y sana. Masajeo mi piel con productos especiales que me hacen sentir cuidada, soy lo más importante para mí y por ello me cuido y me procuro.
Tomo algo para desayunar y salgo para encontrar mi Jetta rojo esperándome en la puerta, me hace tan feliz subirme y manejarlo a toda velocidad rumbo a la escuela, sabiendo que todo está bien, sabiendo que nada me puede fallar hoy.
Al salir iré a la tienda, soy tan feliz al llegar y ver los anaqueles rebosantes de producto, viendo la gente entrar a cada momento para comprar, la meta de $2,500 pesos diarios se cumple fácilmente, los fines de semana ayudo a las niñas a vender porque hay mucho que hacer, pedidos que preparar para envío, cursos que dar, citas que atender y todo para lograr nuestras metas. Ellas colaboran felices sabiendo que nuestro éxito es el de ellas.
Conforme se acerca la noche, me emociona ver a Juan Manuel, saber que iremos a NO celebrar su cumpleaños, pero que me llevará a cenar a un ligar delicioso, ya sin tantas preocupaciones porque el éxito de la tienda nos hace felices a ambos. Tenemos dinero para gastar y pasamos tiempo planeando los detalles de nuestras próximas vacaciones, unas cortitas muy pronto y otras más largas en algunos meses.
Cuando finalmente estoy en la cama, me siento satisfecha por el día que tuve, un día lleno de amor, de pasión de logros, de éxito, de besos, de caricias, de abrazos y arrimones, de sonrisas, de más besos, de dinero contante y sonante en efectivo. Los 100 días han terminado, pero hay más días por venir, la vida es perfecta y tiene todo para mi :)
Comment by AthenaMarina on July 21, 2010 at 4:01pm
OK here goes

I love the close friendships I have in my life with other gals into LOA and some guys. I love how we meet up at least once a month socially, one to one and in small groups. I love how I feel so confident around these wonderful people and know what to say & how charismatic I am.
I love how healthy I am. How good my body feels, it's vitality, strength and the ease with which I moves. I love how my body supports me in everything I do.
I love how wealthy I am. I love how the money just keeps pouring in and I love my huge walk in wardrobe with flattering, sexy well-made clothes for a range of occasions and shoes and I love how hubby & I can & do afford & buy whatever we want & give millions to charity and have millions and billions more for ourselves to save, spend and invest and how we travel where & when we want. And how our marriage continues to blossom. I love how I can do what I want for work and when I want and it's all so much fun.
Comment by AthenaMarina on July 21, 2010 at 4:03pm
Eix, I used google to translate for those who might want to read it, hope that's OK?
Cos I thought others might like to read it - let me know if not OK I'll delete:
It's Saturday, October 9th, 2010 and fascinated me awake and happy, surprised by the great things that I brought into my life and amazed by the powerful process behind it all.
It's Saturday, October 9th, 2010 and wake up full of energy, how long am I stretch in bed before getting up, knowing I'm about to live the best day of my life as the 100 previous days I was lucky enough of living.
I get up to go to work, I love to do and is a great team, the guys are incredible, well-behaved and eager to learn. I get up and find my clothes closet is very simple to me, because I have ordered my clothes clean and well, I could buy new things thanks to the bonanza we spent in Kinky.
I smile at the thought of the many sales we've had the past few days and I am delighted that I have been an engine of that success, these achievements are because of me. I look to my side and I see the magazine Veintitantos of the month with our participation, our return, my reputation, my success and my future.
While I dress, look at my Vision Board and smile (yes, I can not stop smiling xD) to see what that reflects, as I have or is on its way. The abundant and obvious passion in all areas of my life, love overflowing, economic prosperity, the plans for the holidays and my car.
While I bathe, I appreciate the beautiful things that life gives me every day, I love the feel of water, soap scum and know that I care for my body to be more pretty, beautiful and healthy. Massaging my skin with special products that make me feel cared for, I am the most important thing for me and why I care and I try.
I take some breakfast and go out to find my red Jetta waiting at the door, it makes me so happy to climb in and drive full speed toward the school, knowing that all is well, knowing that nothing can fail me today.
When you leave go to the store, I'm so happy to come and see the shelves full of product, watching people enter each time to buy, the goal of $ 2,500 dollars per day is readily fulfilled the weekend helped the girls to sell because there is much to do to prepare for shipping orders, give courses, appointments to attend to and everything to achieve our goals. They collaborate happy knowing that our success is theirs.
As night approaches, I am excited to see Juan Manuel, knowing that we will NOT celebrate his birthday, but that will take me to dinner at a delicious link, and without so much concern because the success of the store makes us both happy. We have money to spend and spend time planning the details of our next vacation, a cropped very soon and others in a few months longer.
When I'm finally in bed, I am pleased with the day I had a day full of love, passion, achievement, success, kisses, caresses, hugs and arrimones, smiles, more kisses, money jangling in cash. The 100 days are over, but there are more days to come, life is perfect and has everything for me:)


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