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Hello dear co-creators,

I am planning a new international and multidisciplinary art project called Lines of Joy.  I've already registered a domain and I have someone who will help me to build the site. The project is about combining all kinds of arts and to bring inspiring events and artworks to as many people as possible. The first step is to create inspiring content for the website and to share it with the visitors. I am a visual artist and I love to communicate in pictures. The idea I have in mind is to cooperate with writers to create beautiful illustrated stories to open this project. Later I would love to cooperate also with dancers, actors and all the other creative people. It would be amazing if you could offer any kind of inspirational short stories or poems for this project, they will be all illustrated with love and shared free on the Lines of Joy website. In addition, I can post an information about you and also promote your website. Let's make it possible =)

Love and Peace,


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What a wonderful idea!  Sounds fun and exciting.  If I have any ideas, I'll share them.

It's a privilege to spread the joy ~

Thank you so much for your support! This project is already very welcomed in the city where I will have the project studio, school and office. This german city, Dinslaken, is now actively building a fresh art scene and the representatives of the city are very happy that Lines of Joy is an international project based in Dinslaken.

TOTALLY love this as well Eva!

THANK YOU for including us, whooowhooo expression of joy in art, makes me grin just to type that.


This project is on it's way! It has an inclusive spirit of cooperation of all the creative people who choose to enjoy their path and to inspire others.



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