The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've renewed my Pact. I've fallen off course, I've gone against the current. So I'm going to relax, start again, and go with the flow. It's time for me to start a new pact, this is what I declare.

Start Date: Monday April 26,2010
On this new 30 day pact, I intend to: 

1. Commit to exercising with the Wii Game Just Dance 3 times a week.
2. Use the Wii active at least 1 time a week.
3. Drink Water Daily
4. Journal my food on WW online.
5. Give Thanks every morning.
6. Weigh in every Tuesday
7. Meditate and use affirmations.
8. Take out 10 items a day.

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