The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I chatted with a lovely friend yesterday who like me is a Highly Sensitive Person and he was kind of seeing it as a curse.  He wants a relationship and sees this as a barrier.  So, Firstly, I'd like to remind him, me and any other HSPs:

Sensitivity is a beautiful thing

You can be more aware of things

Of people's feelings

More intuitive

More creative

And it can be GREAT for a relationship!



I was recently told I am flirty (I am?!) and very bubbly.

But as though it is a bad thing.

Well, I say:

I now use a tiny bit of that flirting when I am asking for help and I think it works ;-)

(Not TOO much, I AM married, after all!)

The bubbliness is something some people DO appreciate.


want to start a business and I don't have a business background


I have attracted great resources, contacts who are helping me and I am learning a lot.

So I'm choosing to see these as strengths! 

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Well, I agree with your friend, that being highly sensitive is a huge barrier/curse to personal and romantic relationships.  Yes, it helps me immensely in my work.  However, I am ready for a life consisting of more than just my job.  I just got dumped from a relationship yesterday.  Yes, it is fresh on my mind, but over and over I go through this.  People tell me to "just get over it," "God has better things/men in store for you", "It is all for the best"  However, the intensity of the pain is crippling.  If it weren't for alcohol and medication I would be non-functioning.  How is this a blessing?  I feel like an idiot savant.  I don't know how to turn my emotions on and off.  I don't know how to make myself not care.  All I know is the pain of breaking up is too intense for me to deal with! 

I would welcome any specific comments on how this will benefit my social life and help me life a more fulfilled, balanced life.

Thank you.


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