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Oh my GOODNESS awesome read.  A bit redundant in places but over all a really good read.  For me it really brought into mind just how when I deal with people, what I am THINKING is what is occurring. 

I am really trying to read this one every other day for a week and see how it flows.  Already this morning I have changed some conversations with people trying to keep this in the forefront of my mind.

Working wonderfully I must admit.

Would love to hear if anyone else has any comments on this one.

HUGGLIES yah'll!!!

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Hi BB,

I read some...not all of the pdf you posted. I will read more later as I am not feeling well...get tired quickly. I will reserve the rest for later. But for now...what I have read "about the introductions" we say outwardly and then profess later "what a bore" inwardly is something I am pondering.

What would the writer have us say when first meeting someone we don't know or are meeting for the first time? Would it be appropriate to tell someone we first meet (outwardly, straight out of the gate) "you are a bore"? I think not as we have not spent time with them to know that they are a bore. Once we realize they are a bore....should we then keep this information to ourselves or should we (outwardly) inform them of our findings?

More about this from me later....need to put my head on a pillow for a while. Hugs J

Sweetest Jilly.
Hugglies and hope you are feeling MUCH better.
Hmmmmm you DO have a way of making me see past the words.....
How do you do?
Ok I know that was not what you had in mind...but maybe it is to refrain from anything other than a simple pleasantry.
Don't know if you watch the Big Bang Theory...but that sort of reminds me of Sheldon. He seems to have a knack for telling it as he sees it..his initial impression...and not always kindly. But the intent of his words is not to wound...he is factual...a la Spock maybe.
Truth does not have to hurt...if someone is boring to do you change that? FOR YOU, they ARE boring. Is that wrong? Maybe it was the subject matter that was boring?
I am finding the better word/feeling/thought. mmmmmm or trying to anyway. Not so much on what about them I do not enjoy...but what I do. Have found it is easier with some people :/
Will ponder this more and let you know.



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