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I need not remind you that you are now that which you have assumed that you are. Do not discuss it with anyone, not
even self.

You cannot take thought as to the HOW, when you know that you ARE already.

Your three-dimensional reasoning, which is a very limited reasoning indeed should not be brought into this drama. It does
not know. What you have just felt to be true is true.

Let no man tell you that you should not have it. What you feel that you have, you will have. And I promise you this much,
after you have realized your objective, on reflection you will have to admit that this conscious reasoning mind of yours
could never have devised the way.

You are that and have that which this very moment you appropriated. Do not discuss it. Do not look to someone for
encouragement because the thing might not come. It has come. Go about your Father's business doing everything normally and let these things happen in your world.

ahhhh soooo love that line, what you feel, you have.
So let it be felt, know it is done.
If you can pick just one thing to focus on. One desire, and see it as done, live it as done, what would it be?
Talk about it with no one, go about your life as if it IS. Because you feel it, know it.
Focus on that feeling, IS.

This is the odd thing about having a Neville group.... because if we are to really have a study group, desires that have not manifested in our lives yet, should not be discussed.... Neville is not the only believer that our desires should not be told to others.... and who says that is not as important as to WHY we should not tell others...

My understanding of WHY we should not tell others is this.... we are supposed to FEEL the reality of already having our desires WITHIN.... and THAT is the process of manifesting... believing it within... in our imagination.... not in the world of sense... to get something in the world of manifestation we must FIRST have it within... in consciousness.... be aware of already having it... otherwise we will have to get it by the "sweat of our brow"..... if we TRULY understand how the LAW OF CONSCIOUSNESS works we do not have to go after ANYTHING.... it will just happen.... and there are those that believe some sort of action is required to manifest ANYTHING.... that is because they do not understand.... if action WAS required then we would not be speaking of laws and consciousness and how we are magnets...

Action (physical action) IS required in life.... but NOT to MANIFEST anything... the only thing action is required for in life is to deal with RESULTS..... not to manifest... but to deal with the results of that manifesting.

Never once have I ever tried to explain this to anyone that seemed to believe they need to take action to manifest..... that just isn't my job in life... I have spent HUNDREDS of hours studying and cross referencing and proving... TO MYSELF.... what is the correct way to manifest desires.... and taking action is NOT one of them.

Dr Robert Anthony said it best "The reason we put a lot of emphasis on action is because we do not understand the power of our thought. If you analyze it, 90% of most people’s actions are spent trying to compensate for inappropriate thought."

So for me the only time I can talk about a ..... desire..... is .... well never.... when I do speak of a desire it has to be in the past tense... AFTER it has manifested.... because the irony of even speaking of manifesting anything, means I do not believe I have it.... saying I am going to manifest something is the same as saying I don't have it..........

Claiming it in consciousness.... and ALLOWING it to manifest...... THAT is how it's done... I claim it within... I use my imagination to see... hear... feel... taste.... smell my "manifestation" and if I have done it correctly.... even if it takes 2 years .... it WILL APPEAR in my life.... with no more effort than using my imagination...

To me, our job..... our "action" if you will.... is all done within, in consciousness.... and THAT is as hard as our job should be..... 

I can't say I'm going to manifest a home and then go out and get a job and PAY for it..... THAT is NOT manifesting.... you may have still got the home.... but you did NOT manifest it... you got it by the sweat of your brow.

Here is how the old time authors would have said it................. "Manifesting is ever done in consciousness"

Say you have it (to yourself), FEEL you have it, act as if you have it, go to bed APPRECIATING you have it.... wake up appreciating you have it..... living in your mind as if you have it all day every day.... feel the reality of it within...... 

and when people say it fees like a lie to say I have something when I don't.... again.. they don't understand. We manifest "things" by FIRST having it in consciousness BEFORE our senses have the proof we think we need.... 

There is only ONE way to manifest anything..... to have it in consciousness FIRST.... if it's a car, drive it in consciousness.... feel the steering wheel in your hands... smell that new car smell.... see people waving at you as you drive by.... live within your consciousness WITH the thing you are .... well... manifesting... and it will be drawn to you.....

and those that say that this is BS.... it is... TO THEM... because they have never really tried it.... given it 100%.... they gave it a halfhearted effort and said see... it doesn't work....

Until you can feel WITHIN that the "thing" is yours NOW.... you will not draw it to you....

I just like to put my spin on things.... : o )

hmmm and to me..the action the mind...meaning, you have to exercise your mind enough, to understand...THAT is all that is required....

Like anything (for me) this is taking practice.  Getting my mind to understand, the feeling.  Getting my mind to stay focused on the feeling.

Think that is why the Master Key proved to trip me up...but once one truly desires something, then, the focusing seems....SEEMS to become easier.

good-googalee-moggaleeeeee at totally STOKED!!! happy HAPPY cheesy grin on this gurlies face!!!


You said it perfectly.... the action we need to take is in our mind..... I think it was Wallace Wattles, maybe it was Charles Haanel, who said.... we have to think a CERTAIN WAY..... who ever said it  doesn't matter.... our work is to THINK a certain way.... and to know this is to know we are on the right path.....

I just have to share several experiences, one of which just happened. To me they are excellent example of what happens in the world of manifesting. I would love  your opinion Dave.

I am a vendor of our local Open Aire Market. I have had a lovely location in the market, however I will be losing it because I don't have seniority and the regular that has the spot will be returning.

So as I met with the manager of the market seeking to find a spot that will allow me to be more permanent, the selection was slim and the spot that was the most ideal was in a graveled part of the parking lot instead of the pavement. In light of this my son and I had a discussion about the floor area of the booth being gravel and that we might possibly need to purchase a 10X10 carpet. My son express that the carpet should be a bright color (like RED) and I agreed. This topic was dropped and we went about our business for the rest of the day not giving this situation anymore attention. Then later that day a friend came by my booth and told me that her neighborhood was having a last minute garage sale (something that I would never have known about unless she stopped by).In the mean time I called around to price carpets...prices for what we were looking for was upward in the hundreds of dollars, something we were not prepare for. The next day after going to breakfast we decided to go to the sale. The first sale had a brand new(still wrapped in original cellophane) RED 10x10 carpet for $35.00. We were ready to buy it and stood there discussing the  coincidence with hubby who was not in on the original discussion the day before. Up walks the owner and proprietor of the sale and says..."look I'll let it go for $20. cuz I don't want to drag it back into storage again". We bought it...and we were planning on buying it for $35. and this guy cinched the deal with the $20. markdown. So did my son and I manifest that carpet that is now sitting in my garage all ready to go to market this next Saturday?

Another Example:

My son was saying how he wanted to take up Ca-yacking. For this sport in this area one would need to have a full body wet suit..(something he didn't have). Three days later a friend of mine called out of the blue ( I hadn't heard from her in a long time). I asked how here room-mate was and she said that she had gone Ca-yaking with some friends for the weekend. Surprised to hear the subject come up again I told her how my son was interested in taking up the sport. Long story short...she offered my son a $200. wet suit FREE and he now has it hanging in his room. So did my son manifest that suit?

In both cases...we follow the synchronicities that the Universe layed before us...and the items that were desired were delivered.

These are just 2 examples ...but I can honestly tell you this is how my life has been since I have mastered my awareness, paying attention to the messages that the Universe has sent.

I think many miss the delivery.


"So did my son and I manifest that carpet that is now sitting in my garage all ready to go to market this next Saturday?"


So did my son manifest that suit?


YES!!!! and YES!!!! lol


I AM a believer!


I posted this on another forum earlier today. I think it fits what you are saying to a T..... EXCEPT..... that you see the connection.


Time in this dimension of your being, beats slowly and you may not, even after you objectify your assumption, remember there was a time when this present reality was but an attitude of mind. Because of the slowness of the beat of time here you often fail to see the relationship between your inner nature and the outer world that bears witness to it. - Neville

I LOVE knowing this!

I guess also,... where I was going with this story was to address "not speaking of it".

Clearly my son and I talked about the carpet "out loud" and he did talk about taking up ca-yacking and what would be needed to pursue the sport.


Exactly what is Neville talking about when he says not to speak of the desire?

This also brought to mind the effectiveness of a "vision Board". I find my vision boards very effective. I make them and hang them. I have to admit that I don't really focus on them...but I do however refer back to them after several months and find that 90% of what is on the board has been manifested. I am also considering that I don't usually discuss my boards with anyone. They are mostly hung in private areas like my bedroom and office/sewing room. It could be that my vision boards help me to take time in my day and focus on what it is I really want as I sit for hours contemplating what to put on my board and then there is the quiet time that I take to cut and paste all the desires on my board thinking about each item as I arrange them on my board. Really there is no discussion about the selection and arrangement. Hmmm?

If you have his books do a search for "tell no man" and see what he says.... there are more than a few instances. Lock the secret up within you..... he says in one case where when we tell others, that is sort of a confession that we DON'T possess the thing we are to FEEL we have.... not in your case but again this is starting to sound all tagled and it doesn't need to be.

In "my opinion" if we MUST tell others they should be people who understand how this law of consciousness works.... basically they shouldn't be putting doubt on the FEELING of already having it. More than likely you AND your son had the belief ..... but had you told someone else and they said i don't believe it, that would have been all the doubt that was needed to prevent it.

I believe what I have in consciousness I WILL possess in the physical world.... and telling others can only place doubt in MY mind..... again.... UNLESS it is someone we trust and understands the LAW.....

and these are MY personal beliefs.

Interesting my thought was, that Jilly and her son, didn't actually state what they did not have, only what they thought they would need. From what she wrote, it was not a conversation of lack, more of ~ emm ok, well this would work, and this is what it should look like, nothing more or less...and then..let it go. The implied 'my word' trust "my word" that it would come across their path was there...but to me, it is because so many times in the past, it has happened.
I think Jilly confirms this when she talks about how she creates her vision board, from the cutting to the putting it together, to where she hangs and as I type that, the realization is there..she is not seeking someone to confirm what her vision is, it is, contained within...the pictures on the vision board, being a phyiscally manifestation 'in picture' of what she envisions.
hmmmm gonna ponder more.....

ask and it is given.... not seek and ye shall find?!!!



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