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I like and appreciate your enthusiasm! : o )

Thank you dear David! I am forever going to be changed by this application of words... I was told earlier this year by somebody that I would have a mini-death sometime this year and it will forever change my way of being on this planet, and I do believe I have embarked on this journey of DEATH!!! I was reading your posts in this section, so you have been studying this for 4 years? wow! that is amazing, you must be living your highest truth and a life of shere JOY !!! :D

Mona, you do them as you please.  From what I gather, he did one a day..and these lessons appear to have been taught/given over a one week period. 

I think you should do it as it feels right to you.  For example, I took 2 days to do Lesson 1 (because I wanted to make sure it was sunk in fully)...and was not able to read of all Lesson 2 in one sitting, so it may take me a bit longer to get through that lesson.

Am thrilled to see the excitement too ~ like a light bulb going!


I agree with BB..... do what feels right for you. Neville's teachings to me are a journey.... even after 4 years what he says is STILL sinking in. And he has profoundly changed my life with his material. I am at the stage now where I don't even want to look outwardly for ANY results anymore.... I just keep creating my life within and when the time for the harvest is right it will manifest.... I just keep KNOWING the truth within.... 

I think we die too... to the old self and the new being comes to life.... 

I have over 1500 on metaphysics or whatever you want to call it and NO ONE told it quite like Neville.... he wasn't afraid to speak the truth for fear people would judge him..... and unfortunately others were.... I think it was Napoleon Hill who said... in his 80's... that he didn't want to write certain truths ... truths to HIM...  because he felt people would not take him serious..... but none the less he still believed what he believed... (It was some very well known author... I think it was Hill).... but I have read many things like that where people felt they might not sell books because of what they said.... and Neville just didn't worry about that.... and that is why his words are so much more to me.

Thank you BB and David for taking the time and offering your guidance in what works for you.

David, I am currently enrolled in a metaphysical class and I have to tell you... I have no idea but all the writings and teachings from teachers of our ancient times seems to point to one thing and one thing only : ALL IS MIND

So far from Neville's Lesson 1, he too is pointing ourselves back to ourselves... there has to be something to this commonality underlying all authentic teachers' teachings! We have to master our minds and when we are completely able to do that, then we can tap into the abundance that is our birthright!!! :)

I'm so elated by all this. I just finished reading one of Ernest Holmes's book yesterday, and was wondering where do I go from here... lo' and behold my higher-self already had the answer waiting for me in the form of this group invite from BB.




I have to agree... ALL IS MIND. And for me the trick, if you will, is to master our mind.... I would say consciousness is what it's all about... which IS mind... to me anyway. As far as our minds are concerned there is no one else, there is no other time... we must see that all is NOW.... and that everything is ONE... and maintain that perception... 

Two of my favorite Ernest Holmes books are Creative Mind and Success and Creative Mind! He was cut from the same cloth as Neville in my book.

I have had enthusiasm for Neville for a long time..... it's GREAT to see others have that same feeling..... 

Metaphysics is the first thing that has ever captivated me the way it has as far as any studies in life is concerned..... I think many discoveries lie ahead for those that have an interest in seeking the truths of our being.

LOL, errmm David, you KNOW where to send those 2 ebooks you just mentioned by Mr. Holmes :D

By distilling our inner vision (imagining) to a single act I think perhaps then we can cultivate the sensation of its reality or rather the FEELING associated with the envisioned act and perhaps then the mind responds to the "reality" of the imagination....reality then seeming to shift into new reality//there is an internal bridge which dissolves (I sense(...the "do not discuss" I think encapsulates the problem of trying to show-forth in language this transformation, which being interior, is possibly futile to display in language (and as such a waste of energy?)....anyway, this stuff engages my brain, smiles

Love how we get the evidence when we start correct thinking Lakshmi!  That is why I continue on with all of this.  The proof is in the pudding ;)

I've taken the time to re-read these....mmmmm good stuff here. REALLY GOOD.

Should get back to reading more of Neville....and so I will!

Lesson I come again :D



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