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These are the two names which give you dominion. You have dominion if, as you walk the earth, you know that your consciousness is God, the one and only reality. You become aware of something you would like to express or possess. You have the ability to feel that you are and possess that which but a moment before was imaginary. The final result, the embodying of your assumption, is completely outside of the offices of a three-dimensionalmind. It comes to birth in a way that no man knows.

I love this...

I AM..... and whatever we attach to I AM...... 

I am trying to show you that the ancients told the same story in all the stories of the Bible. All that they are trying to tell us is how to become that which we want to be. And they imply in every story that we do not need the assistance of another. You do not need another to become now what you really want to be.

Good morning least in my reality it is 9:15 in the am and I am having my morning coffee trying to catch up on all that this group has to offer.

As I read your responses here I question  the word "become". As in "trying to tell us is how to become".

Are we not what is implied to as "which we want to be"?

We are already what we want to be...we are just not aware of it. It is the awareness that is in question?

My search (just lately) is for what caused us to be "unaware". How did we lose our awareness of our potential?

I will continue to read here in this group to see if Neville sheds any light on this question.

If we can shed light on what caused this undesirable state of being unaware, maybe we can propel ourselves into the light of power more effectively.

We know we have power.

We know we are creators.

It is what is in the shadows....that I seek at the moment.

We know what the "effect" was "unawareness".

What we don't know was how it happened. How did we become unaware physical beings with a consciousness that is in deep slumber?

Great questions... and very good awareness on the word become... those are actually Neville's words... and what he was saying was ...the ancients are telling us how to become what we want to be..... from my perspective you are sort of taking that out of context..... he is not saying what you think he is saying..... he has to say it the way he is saying ion order to say what he has to say.... does that make sense?

Actually in order to BECOME.... we need to BE.... but as far as we are concerned there is NO becoming... we already are.... and now I feel we are just playing on words.....

There is no actually becoming.... but for someone to explain it to another they have to use that word.... it is like the word manifesting.... I personally do not use the word to tell myself what I am going to do... it is in past tense..... as in I MANIFESTED something.... but to say I will manifest is like saying... I DON't HAVE... 

It's more confusing than it needs to be....

As far as how to we become UNAWARE???

Good question....

holy word play Batman!!!!!!
errmmmm and for the record, this between you two, gave me goosebumps!!! Am totally cheesing at the screen & full of delight and joy :D.
Am off to read, Lesson 2.
Happy gurlie here.

"You  do not need another to become now what you really want to be".   I never thought of that before, but it is so true. Why is it that so many (at one time me included) seem to believe that they must "do" to be what they really want?  Not looking for an answer on that question, just thinking out loud.

Assume you are already that which you seek and your assumption, though false, if sustained, will harden into


I really, really, really, resonated with this today !!! :)

I have read this lesson a few times now.  Seems like everytime I read it something else comes to light...yet again another ahah moment (or in my case a few).  Repeating the phrases "thank you" or "isn't it wonderful"....for me once again these simple yet powerful words drive home the importance of gratitude.

The power of imagination and mind are truely astonishing!

One point that I was trying to drive home in this conversation (becoming versus already are) was that it is not you that should change...its the reality that you elude to. Consider the power you have to change your reality. The genesis (the beginning) was the power to create...and that is my focus of gratitude, all else that comes after is gravy. We have the power to create our reality and that is what I am truly grateful. When you create your desire reality...and I mean that every single cell of reality you create is a wonderful there anything left to be ungrateful for. Wouldn't you be grateful for life itself (you life) that you the creator had a hand in.

The story of genesis was told to demonstrate the power in its greatest purest form. After creating light "God said let there be light". The next line after all God creates reads like this "and it was good". We are to create what is good for ourselves. Why would we do otherwise....except if we were insane and not of right mind.

Bingo...there is the right mind thing.

So lesson 2 has me captured. Cannot really explain why, but like Deb says, everytime I get into, something grabs me and makes me stop, ponder and let it sink in.  It has even made me go back and read Lesson 1 again ~ twice.

Am grateful for this opportunity, am calmer, more focused, and honestly feel myself getting higher on just pondering, if that makes sense.  Let, IT, BE ~ just how I see it, just how it is, LET IT BE.


just started reading. it is interesting that lesson 2 is on top of lesson 1. so here I began. Interesting too use of metaphor and explication of representative scripture. By the close was impacted me most was the emphasis on pre sleep state as one where we can have complete/controlled waking dream, and the idea of preparing a place mentally (then we will be transported there)....



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