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Good Morning all,

I have found some time to do some catching up on this group. Please let me know if I missed the boat on joining any other group you all are launching. I just have not had the time to log in here on ccor.

I printed out lesson 1,2 and 3.  I started over to review and then catch up on this lesson as I am feeling the call to do so. I will be bringing the print out with me to market and will read during the lull moments, making notes to bring back to the table here on the site.

I just reviewed some of the replies here on this lesson and something Kalli said here caught my attention.

Re: Controlled waking dream.

Neville called it a profound sleep and references this controlled dream part of the 4th dimension.

I have practiced this profound sleep for many many years (a make believe state in my mind if you will) since I was a child. I never had a name for it. In the last few years I have discovered the  importance of dreams when in a rem sleep. I logged many on a journal at my bedside. It became my inner most belief that the dream world that we experience is a huge part of our reality.

I realized that since we are spirit the body that we inhabit was that which needed rest or down time. It is required for the physical body, however it is not required of our spirit. My conclusion was that our spirit moves into the 4th dimension during "anytime of dream state". Weather it be a rem sleep or this profound sleep that Neville talks about....Jills says to herself..."hmmm interesting." Neville's ideas only confirms my discovery or ideas of dream state. Note: as a child I called it "day dreaming".

Thank you Kalli for referencing this.

Love and Light, Jill

mmmm Jilly...I feel that observation. 

"since we are spirit the body that we inhabit was that which needed rest or down time. It is required for the physical body, however it is not required of our spirit. My conclusion was that our spirit moves into the 4th dimension during "anytime of dream state".

That...that just feels like right to me.  AWESOME.

Have missed you and your insight Jillykins. Happy to see you.


After reading your reply (and it is good to see you also, my good friend)...I realized that I should correct myself and not limit our spirit by saying that it moves into the 4th...but indeed a higher one. But hey that is semantics for you.

For example when Neville talks about "nearness" on page 3 of this lesson.

The ancients laid the foundation that God and man are one, and that man has dominion over all the earth. If God and man are one, then God can never be so far off as even to be near, for NEARNESS implies separation.


HECK THAT'S A GOOD ONE to twist around for a while...giggle!

The next paragraph is one that I keep re-reading. First he says "our attitudes rather than by our acts" then in a few lines down he say "he acts as he does and has the experiences that he does".

I must ponder this for a while longer. Here goes Jilly, dissecting everything in her

Love J

I have continued to study this lesson, have read it several times.  I decided a couple of weeks ago to put the "controlled dreaming" into practice. I was startled to realize just how undisciplined my mind learning be it ever so slowly to control my thoughts when in this state. Much to my surprise once I learned to quiet my mind and concentrate on just one thing it really works and rather quickly!

so happy to have you back Jilly!

Hey Deb,BB ole pals, heck dang its good to see you also.

Here is a documented surprise for you. After further discussing this topic over lunch with the boys (my son and his friend who is here visiting from Nanaimo, Canada for the week)...I learned that not everyone experiences and practices this profound sleep that Neville talks of. I have done this since I was a child and all along thought everyone did it...naturally or regularly. The boys have set me straight and I was certainly surprised. I am still having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that this is not a regular occurrence in everyone life.

My son had a similar experience regarding the regularity of experience. We learned back when he was in high school that he had Synesthesia. You can read more about it at

How we discovered that he had it...was when we were discussing numbers,letters and colors and there relation. On one occasion he told me the light was 4 and that I should go...(4 is green) or (green is 4). Heck I had no clue what the heck he was talking about. When he sees a 4 he sees green. This explained the difficulty in math.

He said then...what I am saying now..."I thought everyone experienced it". He thought it was a regular occurrence with everyone. He was shocked that I didn't see numbers and letters in color.

Just as I was today...shocked that everyone does not experience profound sleep regularly. A shocker indeed. Now I am wondering what else I will learn about myself and others in the days to come.





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