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I completely deny the evidence of my senses, which mock my assumption and do not discuss with others whether my assumption is possible or not. - Neville

Could you actually answer me if I asked you the question:

"Do you believe now that you, without the assistance of another, need only assume that you are what you want to be, to make that assumption real within your world?

Or do you believe that you must first fulfill a certain condition imposed upon you by the past, that you must be of a certain order, or a certain something?' - Neville

Time in this dimension of your being, beats slowly and you may not, even after you objectify your assumption, remember there was a time when this present reality was but an attitude of mind. Because of the slowness of the beat of time here you often fail to see the relationship between your inner nature and the outer world that bears witness to it. - Neville

I LOVE knowing this!

The Sabbath is the day of stillness wherein there is no working. When you are not working to make it so you are in the Sabbath. When you are not at all concerned about the opinion of others, when you walk as though you were, you cannot raise one finger to make it so, you are in the Sabbath. I cannot be concerned as to how it will be, and still say I am conscious of being it. If I am conscious of being free, secure, healthy, and happy, I sustain these states of consciousness without effort or labor on my part. Therefore, I am in the Sabbath; and because it was the Sabbath he rose and walked. - Neville

If we REALLY understand the Law of Consciousness..... the LAW of MIND... the POWER of "I AM" versus "I will be".... if we TRULY understand this LAW..... then there is NOTHING to do to bring about our manifestations in life... NOTHING... other than perceiving it is ALREADY DONE. From THERE it just happens.... the ILLUSION is in thinking or believing there is something we can do to bring about our desires.

To think or say that we have to do something, TELLS others that you do not understand the law of mind.... the law of consciousness or that you simply do not believe it is THAT SIMPLE.

See it in consciousness.... live it in consciousness.... have your inner conversations MATCH what you would say outwardly KNOWING your desires are true right now.....

To try to step in and DO something outwardly means you are not living, or don't understand or believe that the LAW OF MIND actually gives us the results most people think they have to get by the sweat of their brow.


It's not enough to say we understand the law... or THINK we understand the law... we MUST understand the LAW... and APPLY IT.... and stop thinking there is anything to DO to bring about our manifestations. The REALITY is we must be a MATCH within for the manifestation to be drawn into our experience. - David Allen

We have to go on a mental diet, for a week we must

completely change our mental food.




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