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I've been studying Neville for a few years now... and trust me, i'm still learning, things are still clicking for me that seemingly were always right there in plain sight...

Remain faithful to your idea.....

For me this means NOT accepting the proof of my very own senses.... because the way I see it, all that proves is what I have previously imagined is true.... and if I KEEP imagining the same thing it will remain true, if I believe my own senses I say with the conditions I myself have created by what I imagined. 

I think as I was learning what Neville was teaching it was hard to grasp that there is no proof OUT THERE if you will.... each of us has our own proof.... many people could and would say there is proof out there.... but they fail to see the connection that it was their own consciousness... their imagination that CAUSED their conditions.... 

Think about it... why, even in a court of law is it so hard to prove so many things.... because people believe different things.... sure DNA is proof and can prove a person was where they said they weren't... but DNA is not proof of the CAUSE of things....and the CAUSE of things in each of our lives is how we FIRST see things within our own minds, our own consciousness..... and personally I do not believe that ANYONE could prove to anyone else that CONSCIOUSNESS does not create all of our conditions in life..... maybe they could prove to the non believer in the phenomenon of consciousness but not to people who have actually applied this process to their own lives....

That is my interpretation ...... Consciousness is the cause .... we must remain faithful to what we see in our minds.... and if we do we WILL see more and more that we do have control over conditions in our own lives....and those that give a halfhearted effort will NEVER know... they will go on being controlled by outer conditions, believing they have NO CONTROL....

I recall back.... people are always asking others.... show me proof.... and all that does is show proof of what THEY believe.... it does NOT prove that if I remain faithful to MY IDEAL that MY IDEAL will not come true for me.....

The cause of ALL conditions in life is our own consciousness.... and why that is SEEMINGLY not true is because we have ALWAYS.... most of our life, looked outwardly.... at the REFLECTION... believing the reflection to be our reality rather that KNOWING that WE could create that condition by seeing something different within.... and allowing that condition to happen because we were watering it with faith and belief (that it is already so).....

If I think life is bad, it will REMAIN bad.... ESPECIALLY if I react to conditions and experiences as if they are that way..... and like most people who are asleep to this truth if they stop reacting to "conditions" they don't like and start FOCUSING and concentrating on what they want to see as if it is already that way.... and then being AWARE that these things are actually starting to happen in their life.... well then... they will KNOW  they are the creator of the conditions of their own life...

"You and I are creatures of habit. We get into the habit of accepting as final the evidence of our senses. Wine is needed for the guests and my senses tell me that there is no wine, and I through habit am about to accept this lack as final. When I remember that my consciousness is the one and only reality, therefore if I deny the evidence of my senses and assume the consciousness of having sufficient wine, I have in a sense rebuked my mother or the consciousness which suggested lack; and by assuming the consciousness of having what I desire for my guests, wine is produced in a way we do not know."

For ME this is where the scripture We can not serve two masters" comes in..... we either serve our senses or our imagination (our consciousness).

and the thing is... you can not say you serve your imagination and then turn around and react to conditions as they are in a negative way..... because your words, that you serve imagination are trumped by your ACTIONS, that you react to conditions.... rather than accepting them as your own previous creation and working on creating new ones.

as for me .... I serve my imagination.... and daily create a new life.... I am being reborn into a life I CREATE.... not by what others have created for me by telling me what is true and what is not..... that is their reality... not mine. And the only reason their collective reality was mine also was because I believed it with them....

Good things happen to me

Life is good

If something can go right, it will

Everything always works out in my favor

I always win at every contest I enter

I need no proof from my senses.... my proof is WITHIN... KNOWING that what I believe WILL COME TO PASS....

and one reason I do not discuss my beliefs with another is I do not look for proof without.... I will always have my own proof.... I will ALWAYS know the cause of my life.... it is WITHIN!

There's certain books by Neville, certain chapters, certain lectures that I can read and reread over and over, not in one setting, but over the course of months, even years and slowly what he teaches has sunk in.... and I have gone from a man of sense to a man of imagination..... if my senses are telling me something I do not like then I need to imagine something new.. .I must be reborn.... I must see a new life for myself, stop reacting to the old one.

So one might think.... is this discussing my desires? No, it is only discussing the process.... if my desire was to have a motorcycle I would use my imagination to feel myself owning it.... feel myself driving it and not discussing it with others ....

When it comes to pass I will not need to discuss it.... it WILL be my reality, and others can tell ME.



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