The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Looking to the past and looking in side are the same thing. The clue to the future is the past, the looking inside, the reason it is dark is because it is the season of winter. Of what was once, a blossom but allowed nature to strip away the flowers to the bare bone so everyone could see and marvel at it's naked form knowing that its season will come again to radiate fragrant spurs directly to our underused senses.
It is the end of bright day into night time, a blanket of darkness cloaks us, the end of something old there fore the start of something new. Our past is our future and each second that passes is now manifested into my future. Now I am bright and see light in this moment my future is a night sky that is brighter than ever before. I can see through the dark.
I grow to love the cloak of night that nature throws over me. I sense the darkness, stillness, silence, solitude is the best friend, my teacher and my guide
Seeing into the future is accessible to everyone. You only have to really listen to some-ones words,state of mind and predict what their lives ahead will be like unless they find a spiritual path. I choose to see Light. We can help them see the blanket as a soil bed in which to root new unknown flowers.
And for those that have already arrived I can see and feel you everywhere. I dance with you all night and all day rejoicing in the fact I am alive. I swim and laugh in an abundant eternal river of gold. Basking in rays that penetrate world healing.

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shall we dance :)

I am dancing through til the morning comes
I am holding onto this music of love
I am dancing through til the dawning comes
I am holding onto what you are...


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