The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Same format as Previous Weeks.  Space to review and discuss each question individually!

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21. What system of nerves is the organ of the Conscious Mind?

The Cerebro-spinal.
22. What system of nerves is the organ of the subconscious mind?

The sympathetic.
23. What is the central point of distribution for energy which the body is constantly generating?

The solar plexus.
24. How may this distribution be interrupted?

By resistant, critical, discordant thoughts, but especially fear.
Probably helps to explain that "butterflies in the stomach" thing. Also, I focused on the solar plexus recently and I felt a LOT more confident after.
25. What is the result of such interruption?

Every ill with which the human race is afflicted.
26. How may this energy be controlled and directed?

By conscious thought.
27. How may fear be completely eliminated?

By an understanding and recognition of the true source of all power.
28. What determines the experiences with which we meet in life?

Our predominant mental attitude.
YES and notice the word PREDOMINANT - which one is stronger our negativity or our positivity the stronger one will out.
29. How may we awake the solar plexus?

Mentally concentrate upon the condition which we desire to see manifested in our lives.
30. What is the creative principle of the Universe?

The Universal Mind.


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