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Made a decision that next year is going to be my last year at work and in July 2011 - the end of that school year - I am resigning.  I am leaving full time permanent teaching at my current job to try new things career wise with some temporary teaching and holiday camp work thrown in.  If it does not work out I am qualified & experienced enough - I believe to get back into teaching if I want to 
(Worse case scenario, I go back to my home country for a year or two mum & dad are VERY supportive and now I can work in Europe and Egypt too PLUS of course I can always try for work permits in other countries!    I aint gonna starve! That's NOT an issue!)
& I am currently doing a course in something else I want to pursue while keeping an eye out for a couple of other learning opportunities.  
(I am getting through the course work quickly & enjoying and understanding it and got a B+ on my first assignment, told by my tutor "This is a strong first assignment"
 I got to do something to do with one of the other things I want to learn (to help hubby out) another freebie & got some rave reviews!)
Mostly this feels REALLY exciting & I am looking forward to this AND I felt this MASSIVE PEACE in my heart when I made that decision.  And - for once - I got NO resistance from hubby he was like if it's what you want go for it I want you to be happy etc.
Now my boss and even colleagues may be a different story.  There is a strong possibility that my assistant through her lack of training - which we have encouraged her to get - could be laid off within two years and the other one has talked of leaving and the third will leave at some stage.  They know I will not be there "forever" but not how soon I want to leave.  They ARE fond of me.
My boss asked me last September?? how long I plan to stay and I said maybe five years, maybe 10 maybe 20 and she looked a bit disappointed & said I hope it is not five, I have invested a lot in you.  
She has not invested money in me far as I know but yes I had to work there till September to get visas extended then UK passport BUT I am throwing in another year and 10 months here that I don't HAVE to work there.
Plus I work my butt off there so it's not like she gets nothing back - if fact she is happy with what I do.
However she will tell the kids we work with the follow their dreams - well what about MY dreams?!!
The main reason I changed my mind is cos every two years - it used to be five - the government inspects us but those years the pressure increases and there's a  LOT of pressure on us all ANYWAY so these years - this is one - are worse so I vowed to myself no more!  
It's never been my dream job.  Maybe no job/career ever will be but my heart is telling me to go.  I have and do do all I can to appreciate the good points and some things HAVE changed - it's AMAZING!!  
Things have already begun lining up for it - it's like the Universe is telling me to go for it which is ALSO AMAZING!  
I believe I DESERVE to have my dream job & career (not to be treated like a little child or servant!!)  I deserve to be happy.  Freedom is one of my highest values.
My husband says "I am born free."
So am I.   I crave freedom, flexibility and fun.
Of COURSE I appreciate my job and all I have benefited from it SO much!  
Anyway, I realise it's ages away but any advice on how to deal with guilt traps from the boss when I DO tell her - she may even ask me this month or in July or September this year what my plans are - how do I handle it?
Or if my assistant or other colleagues get upset?? I HAVE said to them - dropped hints - I'm sick of these inspections & don't want to go through another!  (Though as much as possible I am trying to focus on what I DO want) 
I DO care about my boss & colleagues and how they feel but I 
need my freedom!  
(P.S. I also juggle at least 4 roles there - enough!  I am happy to help re-train someone else to my level if needed.) 
I am taking a career change for the most part, with some teaching but also other things as well.  So it's not like I'm going to another school for another permanent full time job. 
Thank you SO much in advance for any help & advice!!

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You need to follow your destiny not anyone else's. Things are lining up for you for a reason. That's the only way that you can be joyful and free. I'm working my home business so I could quit my full time job by August. I'm also moving out of state by early next year to be with my kids. My partner wants me to stay longer so he can get himself together. I need to be with my kids so I'm not going to stay longer because he needs to me. I have to live my life the way I want just like he do. Your in control of your own destiny not anyone elses. Remember that AthenaMarina! Follow your bliss!
Wow, Athena! Huge new wonderful things are happening for you!
When you feel as strongly as you do about changing work paths, you absolutely KNOW it is right! (I say this from my own experience, feeling "duty-bound" to the job, but then circumstances proved that there was a REASON why I felt the time had come to move on, and the Universe was leading me in new directions).
You boss obviously relies on you, but that's life, and, as you say, where is her monetary investment in YOU? We all have our priorities. Do you think she must now at some level realize that you are definitely planning to leave? Of course that is upsetting to her, as well as your colleagues, who obviously feel some loyalty to you, but unless you think being truthful about your intentions right now might lead to a premature exodus, (a dismissal hardly seems likely), maybe you could simply say (again), if asked, that you've been feeling drawn to another line of work and plan to switch gears sometime in the next (couple of, or however many) months/years. Don't let the guilt trip stuff hold you back! It is YOUR life and YOUR path and once you know what your new direction is, stick with it! After all, you ARE giving her PLENTY of advance notice to find the next person for the job!
It's exciting, and you are going ahead on faith. Think how things will open up for you! You've got plenty of options and skills, as well as great experience!
All the Best!
Wow the advice I've been getting is fantastic and I really appreciate it! I have SO much to look forward to! (And some wonderful people - you guys inc. - to help me on my way :-) By the way, I also attracted someone this weekend who wants me to make a website for him and will pay for it! But I said to him don't pay this is only my second site (plus hubby works for him so ) but he bought me this ebook on webdesign I have wanted for a while (a cheap one but it looks good) and I used a very basic program to make hubby's site and this one will require a lot more know how. (I told him that) so I will be learning all I can :-) So YES things ARE lining up for me already several opportunities did present themselves already which is awesome.



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