The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yes! I have two chances to win a new car through sweepstakes. It is better than no chance at all. LOL I am keeping upbeat and positive. Have any of the co-creators ever won anything at a sweeps. I just know that Publishers Clearance House is going to be knocking on my door with those NBC Cameras saying - how does it feel to win a million dollars. LOL I am just rolling today with enthusiasm and cannot wait to hear the positive feed back from the group.

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Thats great, i have never won anything by sweepstakes, but just believe it will happen and even if it doesnt happen this time it could happy after!!!
That is what I was laughing at, lol. I think that someone should create a discussion topic on laughter. The joy of laughter. Getting back to thinking positive, today I went into the store to pick up a notebook and low and behold there were notebooks with hundred dollar bills as the cover. A mini version of bills and one huge one. as covers. LOL It is funny that it keeps popping up in some shape. So, yes, it is possible that one can win a sweepstakes.
hehe I remember this from way back. But to put some positive here, a week ago I signed up for a giveaway knowing I'd win. Today in my inbox was the Congratulations. I won a superbowl package. Woo hoo. It does happen if you believe.
Wow well done,
Hope you enjoy the superbowl!!



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