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I am planning on collaborating all of the power journals written here into a book for people to read and be encouraged by. What is a power journal? Well, I will post the first one as an example. It's journaling as if the dream has already arrived.

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Thanks Isabella and Jean!

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Comment by Amy on March 13, 2009 at 11:06am
Filming has been going like a dream! The British have been really receptive to myself, really the whole crew!

I have a fantastic feeling about this film. We've been trying to take in the sights between shoots.

I'm so glad I have my husband, trainer, hair and makeup stylist and friends with me!
Comment by Kristy Robinett on March 17, 2009 at 6:34pm
I adore my bedroom. It overlooks the lake and I can see the fishermen out trying to catch some early morning fish. The day will be a crazy one, but one that I love to do. I have to catch a flight and meet with Good Morning America to talk about my new book and then I am off to do a lecture and a book signing. Next week I am off to California, but that trip will be a partial vacation and something I am in need of! Life is grand!
Comment by Amy on March 20, 2009 at 9:04pm
I had some friends from the States visiting me. I couldn't really go sight seeing with them (except for the few days I was not needed on set). I've also had a lovely time visiting with the 100 Day Reality Co/Creators here in England. There is a Co/Creating gathering that Lilou is planning in April and I plan on being there with bells on!!!! CCOR London Weekend April 24-26.

My filming has fun, the cast is becoming like family for me. I'm really connecting with my dialogue and am very excited to be part of this movie. My agent and I spoke yesterday and there are a few new films that I've been asked to be a part of. One of them is with Quentin Tarantino and the other is for M. Night Shyamalan!!! Could life GET more amazing... Yes I think so!
Comment by Isabel Swan on March 21, 2009 at 5:17pm
I love my mini cooper. And my other car, a Jeep Liberty. I love the way the Mini Cooper feels in my hands. I love the lights on the inside, and how good the sound system is. I love to drive my friends around. It is so fun! I love. Just driving to another healing gig. Knowing that people will be changed forever. Even people who would not have formerly been changed. Just knowing, driving in my Mini Cooper, that amazing things are about to happen. I know that I feel great now and I will feel ABOSULUTELY MARVELOUS at the end of this event. People's lives will be changed. I see the light. Wow, it's so great. I get out of my Mini Cooper, take a deep breath and feel really good. My services are so needed and people call me all the time for huge gigs. Word is spreading like wild fire. "Oh my god, we need her here." "I want her." My services are highly HIGHLY valued and they come naturally. It is as if I am walking home when I walk to the places I am invited. I am home. Life is good. Yes. The word in m y heart is yes and the world says yes. I love yes, and there is a huge smile of forward motion. Oh thank you thank you thank you for where I have arrived. Thank you thank you thank you for how wonderful it is! How simply wonderful. Better than I could have known.
Comment by Isabel Swan on April 22, 2009 at 6:40pm
Ah, the me of tomorrow says,

"You changed Isabel. There was a point in my history when I changed completely- no more struggling through a lengthy growth process- but instantaneous and complete transformation, followed by powerful inspired action. You know, you really don't have to worry. You will change. There is a point at which everything changes. Don't worry ever. There is no use. Whether you worry or not, this huge transformation with take place, so let go, trust, let it happen. I live in bliss and all of my dreams have come true. I didn't really work for it, because everything I've done felt like heaven on earth. Oh Isabel of yesterday, if only I could show you how powerful you are. If only you could feel what you will feel when you reach now. It's amazing. It's more powerful than you ever dreamed. I hope you know that you're headed for heaven on earth. Heaven on earth is your life now. I love you and I send you all my best wishes to come here."
Comment by Kristy Robinett on April 22, 2009 at 8:00pm
The day in the kitchen as wonderful. I love my island and I loved the fact that the kids sat there watching me as I peeled the potatoes. In the family room, the Wii was going as the family gathered around playing. I stole away for a few minutes to walk down to the lake. It is a place that replenishes my soul.

The sun was just about setting and the ducks were taking their last swim before heading to their nests. I sat at the picnic table that sat on the beach and smiled. The last few years had been challenging, but oh so well worth it. Life had taken a turn and I was so grateful for it. I used to fester in the what I didn't have instead of what I did and I was so happy now seeing the wonderful in everything that I looked at.

I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and looked over to see my dad. He handed me a coffee cup filled with my favorite cherry coffee and sat down next to me. I peeked up towards the house to see Chuck playing ball with the dogs.

My cell phone jingled just as I was loving the peace and quiet and I grinned when I saw the name.

"Hi...we are just around the corner."
"Good...your room is ready."
I squeeled and my dad laughed we both walked up the hill to great our guests.
Comment by Kristy Robinett on April 23, 2009 at 8:25am
The evening with friends out on the deck was wonderful. I had cut up some fresh fruit and veggies and we were sipping on teas and lemonades. The sun had been down for awhile and the deck torches were our only light. Stretching, I said my goodnights to our guests and my husband and I opened the double patio door that led itself into the sunroom. Walking from the sunroom into the kitchen, into the foyer to the stairway. We went up to our bedroom. Our bedroom wasn't huge, but just large enough were we could fit everything in an organized manner. And it looked out on to the water. Going into our ensuite bathroom, we brushed our teeth in the double sinks and washed up. The walk in closet was right through the bathroom and I grabbed my robe. We had a flat screened television that was up on the wall opposite our bed. Even though we knew that it wasn't good for us to watch in our bedroom, it was a a habit. Chuck turned on the ballgame for the local team and we talked about how we had tickets for the next day and prayed that they would win and then laughed. They were only a minor league team, but they were fun and the area around the field was gorgeous. Kissing each other goodnight, we turned out the lights and had pleasant dreams as the gentle waves crashed outdoors.
Comment by Isabel Swan on May 8, 2009 at 1:14am
If I create my life, then what I create is...
A deep feeling of fulfillment, fun, and deep desire to still be here in the earth. I embrace life. I love life. The most amazing good things come into my life and I live in heaven. I am surrounded by powerful amazing centered grouded people who take full responcibility and love their creatorships. I just met with my mastor teachor today and it was yet again an amazing meeting. Now I can move things with my eyes easily. I love mastor. I feel a deep deep power flow between us. The other day an angel came to teach me and he said, "You are you. Perfect in every way. Don't be you like someone else would be you. Just be you." It's easy.
Thank you God for my $40,000 and for my good heart that feels true pleasure in helping others and leads me to the best place possible.
Thank you that my life is marked by pleasure and enjoyment and fun consistently as things get better and better and I help others.
Comment by Isabel Swan on May 8, 2009 at 1:18am
I feel a deep powerful pleasureable desire to help others.
Comment by Isabel Swan on December 11, 2009 at 5:03pm
Should I write it? Should I? Or is the tender soil of my heart and my internal world well enough to build this seed.
Yes, I will be a healer. But what is the capacity? What is the real dream? And am I dreaming of my will, or dreaming of higher will?
Higher will.
(This is not a power journal from this point on until marked point, it is how I feel NOW)
I am so excited to do Bikram Yoga. It should be so much better now that I am more fit. There is still that whole half naked thing. But I think I will be fine.
Yoga. ahhhhh, yeah.
Power journal ENGAGE!
Wow, first of all, I am so thankful for the job I have NOW, yes, NOW, it is a blessing and I like being here. As long as certain people are not in the office. From that springboard of gratitude, I fly into an even better dream. COLOR CREATIVITY, SEXINESS! FREEDOM! HOW? How can all of these things happen? How can I be on fire and alive and joyful? BY BEING ME! Naturally, I am a fire child. SSSSSSSSS. Hear me burn. HOT! Oh yes, tonight the world will see. I am not only awakened to the Universe, but also now, my fire is ignited and it never dies. Ay ya!
I am free and life is blissful, even work is blissful because I put love into it. SO BE IT!

Yes, yes, that was poetic, and vague, but I feel the dream.


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