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Prosperity Game (process #5 from Abraham Hicks)


Prosperity Game (process #5 from Abraham Hicks)

"The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining." Abraham Hicks

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Prosperity Game (process #5 from Abraham Hicks)

The goal of the Prosperity Game is to raise our vibrations relative to money - the receiving and the spending of it. Every thought, feeling, word and action we express carries a vibration and that vibration attracts other like vibrations.

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction. -- Abraham-Hicks

A few days ago, some friends and I started playing this game together and sharing it and I thought I'd love to share this my Co-Creators as well! I'm sure some of you have played this in the past and may even be playing it RIGHT NOW!! If you are playing it, come join me here! Here's the basics: Every day, you pay yourself $1000, adding $1000 each day - so day 1: $1000, day 2: $2000, day 3: $3000, if you do it for 365 days, on that day you pay yourself $365,000! That's a lot of cash to spend!! If you have an old checkbook, write yourself checks, write in the ledger, or use a computer program (I'm using Quicken)... you can even make a special book just for this game.

By doing this Prosperity Game, I am shifting my perceptions on receiving and spending money - so often we often are afraid to spend the money we have for "past fears" of not knowing where/when the money will come. Many of us are choosing to freelance, be business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants so we are living from project to project.

HOWEVER, WHAT IF YOU ALWAYS KNEW MONEY WOULD APPEAR EVERY DAY! How would this shift your spending?! What would you spend your money on? Which charity would you donate to? Who would you gift $1000 to? Where would you live?

Watch the video for more info and/or check out the website link.

Each day post how you spent your money - along with any affirmations that align with your spending/receiving.

MOST OF ALL - HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! After all its just a GAME! Just like LIFE!!

Magic Passion Love & The Prosperity Game!
happy spending & RECEIVING!
Joanne xo

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Comment by Joanne Morton on April 17, 2010 at 2:17pm
Day 5: $5000
$5000 appears in my life easily and daily!

$1000- I gift my sister's birthing project so she may continue to do her good work for women
$1000- I gift my parents $1000 to help them with their retirement life
$2000- I easily pay off my taxes!!
$1000 - I hire a social media/web master to help me with my online presence!

Money flows in and out of my life easily. I always have enough money!!
I am a money magnet!!
Comment by Mammi-Ama Ofori on April 17, 2010 at 8:39pm
This is AWESOME Joanne! I'm so glad that you started this group!!!

Day 1: $1,000
I easily and effortlessly attract & manifest $1,000 right now. All day every day!
$ 500 to my friend Adam for his generosity to me a few years ago
$ 100 Skin Care Products
$ 100 Food shopping
$ 300 Design software & drawing tablet for my Macbook
Comment by Joanne Morton on April 18, 2010 at 6:20pm
$6000 is always in my bank account!
Today I enjoyed spending on donating $1000 to the spiritual life center of alanta's youth so they could send teens to summer camp, I took Rev. Beverly out to lunch $100 and gave her $20 for gas - at the art fair I bought a $72 rose scarf, a really ring that looks so lovely on my fingers for $300, and I bought a silk dress for $400. I bought a bottle of moet champagne $80 to drink while I take a jacuzzi bath this evening. I paid the final $1400 I owe Maison and paid my cell phone 6mths in advance $600 and sent another $1000 to my taxes!

I am financial abundant and it feels right!
Comment by julie staub on April 18, 2010 at 9:32pm
i was actually going to start this group! i have not gotten around to it...glad you did joanne! i have been slacking on mine. need to get back in the game!
Comment by Theresa Laura Morgan on April 19, 2010 at 12:28pm
I received $1,000 in my bank account. Today I'm taking the boys to the mall to shop for shoes, sneakers and clothes at Nordstrom! And not to mention I'm buying a new bag for myself. I love that store : ) I'm a Money Magnet!!!
Comment by Joanne Morton on April 20, 2010 at 12:50am
$7000 !

I pay $6k towards my taxes and give $1k to my friend's son IRA acct!

I am a money magnet!
Comment by Stacy Stehle on April 20, 2010 at 8:04am
I started today and have recieved $1000 in my bank account when I woke up =) I have attracted a wonderful Virtual Assistant for 5 months! It feels so wonderful to have help so I can continue to connect and create with others!

I am a money magnet!
Comment by Theresa Laura Morgan on April 20, 2010 at 8:12am
Today I received $2,000 into my bank account. Me and the boys are going to the Six Flags! I'm renting a Expedition so the kids can bring some of their friends! Where going to have the best time ever!
Comment by Joanne Morton on April 20, 2010 at 4:19pm
I received $8000 today from one of my paintings!!!

I paid another $k on my taxes, $1k on my student loan
Then I went on line and bought one of my friend's bags called Dancing in the Street for $313 ... then I bought a back pack $140 for my NEW MACBOOK AIR $1900, I also picked out a pair of Timberland sandals for $90 on Zappos. I went shopping for some new stones/oils $30 and then treated myself to lunch $25. Today is a good day!!!
Comment by Money on April 20, 2010 at 10:40pm
Today,$1,000 appeared in my Chase bank business account!

Yeah buddy, rollin' like a big shot!

I spent it on a $45 DVD for the cellerciser.
I bought a pair of Nike bubble knee pads $20
Business select ticket to NY $310
Paid off my student loans $390
I had $235 left, so I went to the strip club...and ran into my ex girlfriend. It was a very pleasant reunion, completely worth the remaining two thirty-five.


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