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Prosperity Game (process #5 from Abraham Hicks)


Prosperity Game (process #5 from Abraham Hicks)

"The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining." Abraham Hicks

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Prosperity Game (process #5 from Abraham Hicks)

The goal of the Prosperity Game is to raise our vibrations relative to money - the receiving and the spending of it. Every thought, feeling, word and action we express carries a vibration and that vibration attracts other like vibrations.

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction. -- Abraham-Hicks

A few days ago, some friends and I started playing this game together and sharing it and I thought I'd love to share this my Co-Creators as well! I'm sure some of you have played this in the past and may even be playing it RIGHT NOW!! If you are playing it, come join me here! Here's the basics: Every day, you pay yourself $1000, adding $1000 each day - so day 1: $1000, day 2: $2000, day 3: $3000, if you do it for 365 days, on that day you pay yourself $365,000! That's a lot of cash to spend!! If you have an old checkbook, write yourself checks, write in the ledger, or use a computer program (I'm using Quicken)... you can even make a special book just for this game.

By doing this Prosperity Game, I am shifting my perceptions on receiving and spending money - so often we often are afraid to spend the money we have for "past fears" of not knowing where/when the money will come. Many of us are choosing to freelance, be business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants so we are living from project to project.

HOWEVER, WHAT IF YOU ALWAYS KNEW MONEY WOULD APPEAR EVERY DAY! How would this shift your spending?! What would you spend your money on? Which charity would you donate to? Who would you gift $1000 to? Where would you live?

Watch the video for more info and/or check out the website link.

Each day post how you spent your money - along with any affirmations that align with your spending/receiving.

MOST OF ALL - HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! After all its just a GAME! Just like LIFE!!

Magic Passion Love & The Prosperity Game!
happy spending & RECEIVING!
Joanne xo

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Comment by NATURE LOVER 4 hours ago

Day 63 :

                Today I received 63000$ from universe !

I gave 13000$ for a food bank organization ! 

I put 50000$ in my  bank account !

Now I have 985297.94$ available !

Thank you universe !

Comment by Meghan Krisla 15 hours ago

Day 78 (Fri, Dec 19)

Day 79 (Sat, Dec 20)

Day 80 (Sun, Dec 21)

For these 3 days I received an incredible amount of $237,000!!!!

I decided to set up a organization that helps fund students at the college I use to go to in which it helps them pay for things like bus passes & books. They must apply for this & give proof that they can't afford these.

Thank you Universe for giving me this opportunity to help others in need!

Comment by NATURE LOVER yesterday

Day 62 :

                Today I received 62000$ from universe !

I gave 6500$  to  Enfant soleil organization.

I spend 550$ for a Zoom 8080 guitar effect !

I put 54950$ in my bank account!

Now I have 935297.94$ available !

Thank you universe !

Comment by NATURE LOVER on Friday

Day 61 :

                Today I received 61000$ from universe !

I gave 6000$ to Tribu de sapeur organization !

I bought a  Chippendale Mahogany Partners Desk from U.K   5000$

I put 50000$ in my bank account !

Now I have 880347.94$ available ! 

It's so cool that I can afford everythings that I want !

Thank you universe ! 

Comment by NATURE LOVER on Friday

Day 60 :

                  Wow !   I am so lucky about money !  cause today I received  60000$  from universe  ! 

I gave 10000.00$ to Animavie organization !  

I spend 3000$ for a Louis XV  table !

I put 47000$ in my  bank account !

Now I have 830347.94$ available !

I'm so grateful for all that money !   Thank you ! 

Comment by Meghan Krisla on Thursday

Day 77 (Thurs, Dec 18)

I still can't believe how much the Universe loves me! 

I received $77,000 from the Universe!

Today instead of putting this towards my second property I wanted to give $1000 to each person I come across in an employment agency. 

I want everyone whose unemployed to feel that they are still 

AMAZING & SPECIAL even without a job.  A job does not define them.

I want to give them hope for a better future.  Hopefully, they will put this $1000 towards good use.....whether for transportation money, new clothes for job interviews, a cell phone, a computer, or whatever they may need.

I hope this makes 77 people really happy!!

Thank you Universe for giving me this opportunity to spread the love!!

Comment by NATURE LOVER on Thursday

Day 59 :

                   Today I received 59000$ from universe !

I gave 6000$  to Chats Angevins sans famille organization !

I bought a desk  525$

I put 52475$ in my bank account !

Now I have 783347.94$ available !  

I'm so grateful about having so much money in my bank account !

Thank you universe !  

Comment by Hummingbird Love on Wednesday

Days 62-67  

So surprised to see $387,000 in my checking account! I am SO overjoyed!!!

I tithed $38,700 to my local homeless shelter! I loved seeing their faces as they received my check!

I saved half of the remaining toward my dream home! ($174, 150). I now have $ 937, 862.12 saved!! Wooohooo!!!

I divided the remainder ($147, 150) 8 ways and gave 8 of my closest friends and famiy $21,768.75 each for their Christmas gifts! How exciting! It made me feel amazing!!

Thank you thank you and thank you with love and gratitude! I love money!

Comment by Meghan Krisla on Wednesday

Day 76 (Wed, Dec 17)

I feel so special because the Universe loves me so much that it gave me $76,000 today!!!!!! Yes an incredible $76,000!!!!! Thank you so much Universe!!

I am adding the $76,000 to the amount I already saved for a new place in NYC giving me a grand total of $511,000 saved so far!! Boy am I lucky!!

Can it get any better than this ??? YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Thank you Universe!!

Comment by NATURE LOVER on Tuesday

Day 58 :

               Another amazing day for me cause I attracted 58000$ from universe !

I gave 6000$ to World animal protection organization !

I spend 25000$ for a glass shelter over my pool  , so , this way , I will be able to swim even during the winter !

I put 27000$ in my bank account !

Now I have 730865.94$ available !

Thank you universe !


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