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Instead of adding to this to the "comments" section, I wanted to hear what my co-creators think about this...

 Yesterday, I spent the day working online & laying in the grass watching abraham videos, so the only money I spent was my daily amount to my taxes & student loans.   I feel good about paying these off daily as they are rather large and for years, I have felt that I would always have a student loan debt. 

WELL... this is NO LONGER HOW I FEEL!   I fully trust that my student loan will be paid off in full in 10 years or less!!! My taxes 5 years or less!!   (they are really big!!!)

So then like Patricia, I sometimes stopped myself from spending because in "the past' whenever I spent money it would come back and haunt me .. "If I only hadn't taken that trip to Paris" "if I only hadn't had an art studio" -

 If I hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am right now!! 
I know this however, ... I don't FEEL it just yet!

I think this is where I have guilt that I am irresponsible - if I hadn't had my art studio or if I hadn't lived by myself then perhaps I wouldn't owe so much in taxes.   Am I irresponsible because I made these choices?  Am I being irresponsible now?

I don't really regret having my art studio because OH MY!! It was where I had a place to really become a painter!!  And living alone in my small one bedroom apartment allowed me the space to have amazing lovers and this was so important for me.  

And even as I write this - I still feel twinges of irresponsibility because I can't pay off my debts right now... and yet I know if I allow myself time to fully become the artist that I am capable of being - I will be paid well to share my work with the world!!

wow ... this feels really good to put out in words!! 

I'd love to hear anyone else's issues with guilt and money?! 
As well as any tips to release the guilt .. it just doesn't feel good anymore and I prefer feeling good!!!


magic passion love!!

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Hi Joanne!

What a realization for you. I can feel the energy of this and some shift as you write it down. When I was reading this what comes to mind is we can't go back into the past. We can only move forward. I think you need to be able to really appreciate what you have in order to move on.

You have already said it, "OH MY!! It was where I had a place to really become a painter!! And living alone in my small one bedroom apartment allowed me the space to have amazing lovers and this was so important for me." Be in that moment and know that only greatness can come forward.

When we talked yesterday we both agreed that we are in charge of our life! =) It is hard to break beliefs that aren't serving us because we have such a strong anchor attached to it. It might help to start a new belief around this. One that just feels a little bit better. And each day as you look at this belief and see the postive evidences show up for you it will begin to shift into one that does serve you =) Hope this makes sense?! Those are my thoughts and what came up for me as I was reading this.

I have been there before and I have learned to shift my own beliefs around money and being able to appreciate what I have, celebrate. I do believe we can change beliefs, a small shift at a time! =)

Hugs~ Stacy
thank you stacy!! I am ready to release this guilt so I am putting it out there!!!
Great, Stacy! And thank you Joanne Morton for putting this topic out here. I have had to spend money on things for work yesterday & have trouble getting it back (I'm working on that) but yesterday I splashed out on a £60 pair of shoes. That's not THAT much compared to some shoes e.g. Manolos, Jimmy Choos. But part of me is like ooh should I have done that? But then again: they were in my size and fit perfectly, felt great, I love the colour and it DID feel good to buy something for ME after buying so much for work. AND if I return them I get a credit note for £60 with 2 years to spend it so...
I very rarely buy shoes or clothes too.
But still!!
Hi Joanne, thanks for sharing this and starting this group.

I am learning to be okay with money. This time last year even the word money I had an aversion to and when I thought about having more than a few hundred pounds I felt very afraid.

It has become and is becoming easier to feel the flow with money. I started one day when I had 5 x £20 notes in my purse and I sat on my sofa holding them, feeling them, allowing the fear to flow and become at ease with these pieces of paper. I then watched you tube videos that had images of money over and over again and sat with them for a while. At the bottom of my bed are the backs of my two bookshelves and I have put photos of money on there just so I get used to the feel and allow the money into myself. I did some meditating where I went to a special place that felt lovely to me in the woods and made friends with a tree who grew money and im still working with this and getting used to holding larger amounts. I will get back to these meditations when it feels right to do so because I know they work as within a couple of hours of doing my first meditation my mum rang me and said she was giving me and my sister £400 (the exact amount it cost us to get our car repaired!). This was/is amazing yet I had a little panic with the power of being a creator so im just taking it real easy right now.

I have had to look at the secondary benefits of not having money for me and ease my way into this. When I imagine a room of money (my room of money) in my minds eye some days it is open a little some days it is closed, but I know that as I let go of the oars and go with the flow I will welcome this aspect of my divine wellbeing.

I look at my current debts as donations from source, at a time when I have felt resistant to my own wellbeing, source supported me in other ways and when I feel able, allowing and trusting of myself as creator that loan will be paid back and cleared from my vibration.

When I originally looked at debts I was reading a book called build your money muscles where the author talks about what money issues represent. I worked it out for myself that its all about a relationship. Money is a relationship, be it with my parents, the bankers etc etc... and initially my relationship was with my parents they supplied me with everything. However, I did not know how to support myself and connect with my inner being (the most important relationship), and when I left home the bankers became my new parents, because I still had this belief I was unable to support myself. So with this I made peace.

Of course to reconnect with my inner being and have that loving relationship, will, in essence mean I have this eternal infinite flow of money and abundance, and this is what I want, to support myself.

Im not sure if this related to your questions on guilt, I hope so, I am still learning about money and become at ease with it.

Kelly xxx
I have been spending money lately too. But I am shifting how I feel about it and know that I will pay off my credit card debt. The things I have spent money on has been important things and some emergencies. I must admit that I twinge a bit when I pull out the credit card but I am pracitising being grateful to have them and that my creditors trust me to pay it back. I concentrate on caring for my 2 pets and treating their medical issues. I believe these animals have been sent to me, medical issues and all because the Universe knows I will take good care of them... in return the Universe will provide the money to help us pay. This loan is temporary until more money (that is already here and I am waiting to connect with it by Divine guidance). Blessings to you! Just think of all the wonderful memories you have from living by yourself!
Words can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for all of your replies .... the mere fact that I put out into the universe about my guilt, I've been releasing it! Also the fact that in the Prosperity Game World - I've paid my most of my debts!! Knowing that they are paid in one of my "realities" eases the tensions in the other reality!

We are all doing the BEST WE CAN and this is GOOD ENOUGH! Yes it is!

Let's Enjoy OUR money -- we are worthy of being richly rewarded for all that we do :) !!
hm joanne... I can honestly say that I don't resonate with this! I owe $$ in student loans and I sure do not feel guilty about paying them off. why do you feel guilty? when I have an xtra 20 grand to spend on myself toward a trip or smthg, I would not even think twice about doing paying bills instead. I wouldn't. even in my prosperity game I was up to 40,000 before the thought of paying off my loans even crossed my mind. and the only reason it did is because I read it in your post! so why do you feel guilty?


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